Kickstarter and Preorder Shipping Status Updates



Mozi, you still ignored all my requests. Backer 4214


I’m also here for an update. We were promised march 30th. Hope it’s been shipped from Shanghai at least but my email inbox is still empty.




@mozi Can you please give me an update. My Backer No. is 2844.


You, me, and a bunch of others.


Would appreciate a shipping update for backer #5701, haven’t heard anything at all @mozi


@mozi please respond to my PM. Please. I’ll beg if I have too, it’s not beneath me.


Backer 5059 8k got delivered today by DHL. New Zealand. No tracking number

Remember to uncheck basestation option in pitool if you don’t have a lighthouse or display won’t work and you cannot do room setup.

Works well with VORPX


@mozi maybe I’ll get lucky and get an answer today.



Sry for posting this question here but, since you mentioned Vorpx, Are you playing Star Citizen? Also how does Vorpx mesh with pitools? in short on that note do you need to run pitools then vorpx then the desired game?


@mozi @PimaxUSA @Dallas.Hao
What the hell!
I was told that the helmet was sent on March 13, and tracking should be expected within 2-3 weeks. But there is still nothing!
During this time, the helmet itself could already have arrived, but not even the track numbers yet.


@mozi any updates on mine? Backer 6423 here and got told it should be shipping soon…



Can anyone update my status? My backer number is 7123.
there was a few e-mail about shipping details, my choose…etc
My last e-mail was unanswered.
Still waiting for something new, or info… or -at least- just a message.

Thank You


BigSerge, vorpx and pitools seem to have no interaction. As long as the headset is on, start vorpx and play your desired game. Just works. Steamvr opens up automatically.

I don’t have star citizen, I do play ED tho. But also fallout 4, skyrim, f.e.a.r, crysis, unreal tournament, thief etc…


Hello! I need a tracking number. Backer 4214.


Still no updates on the XR’s. No tracking. Pre-order tracking page still shows EXPECTED TO SHIP 30TH OF MARCH.

It’s the 3rd of April. Give an update on your delays and an actual estimation that isn’t bogus.


Backer 6614 in Japan. please tracking number…please tracking number…please tracking number…


Good day
It has been over 12 days since you told me my headset it is going to honk kong warehouse,is there a tracking no?Please help?


Please let me know my tracking number. backer #4081 , SUPEN-3032


please let me know my tracking number backer #3413 @Dallas.Hao @mozi