Kickstarter and Preorder Shipping Status Updates



Hoping for tracking soon as well backer 6248 i know it cant be far away


Its been 13 days since this reply and I still don’t have a tracking no. at least.


3 - 10 days to HK? Didnt he say it would take 3 days to HK and 7 days max to UK earlier?


I got almost identical info :slight_smile:


Hello again @mozi. Backer 5219 here. A week has passed and I still don’t have tracking number or any info about my 5K+! I’m getting worried. Can you provide any info?



I still haven’t received an order confirmation, I’ve provided my details 3 times to your customer support e-mail but have not received a reply.

Could I possibly get an update?

Much appreciated.

Backer Number: 7,143

@Dallas.Hao @mozi


hey guys just wondering, i have my tracking number for FedEx for my 8K preoder… but it says “not found” when i use it on fedex website tracking…

I live in Australia Sydney

any ideas?

Order P122965
January 08, 2019 11:37AM

[Pimax 8K VR Headset - 8K VR Headset Only]

Fulfilled April 03, 2019 [FedEx #49992577xxxx


I am backer 2887, I have received no word on my 5k BE/XR, neither have the individuals who have received theirs over the last few days so I am concerned that mine could have been shipped without me knowing and I have no way to track it. With the spreadsheet no longer being used I can’t tell what stage my order is in. Please respond asap @mozi @Dallas.Hao & thanks for your help!


For me also still nothing!!!


Hoping for tracking soon as well backer 6248 i know it cant be far away ANY UPDATES OF ANY CHANGE ?


Hey @mozi , @Dallas.Hao.
The shipment to the US overseas warehouse that was updated to ‘Shipped out from Shanghai’ on 3/25 is just a bit past its 7-10 day estimate. Can you get info on where that shipment is, and how long it will take to get to the warehouse? If so, even though its only a day or two outside that window, there are probably a whole bunch of us overly excited customers who would find that info comforting. :smiley:


Same boat as you. Would love an update.


I received an answer on Tuesday from Dallas that said, “The next batch of 8K will arrive at US warehouse 4th April, and next week still have another batch to be arrived.”

I also remember reading from the US rep that they test all units before forwarding so the turn around could take a bit.


tried the link just brings up a flow chart but no form to enter info to check.
can I get a status of P124386 ?


Thanks @StkNRdr.
I think 4th April was the last day of the 7-10 day window, but the shipping status on the check order page hasn’t updated to arrived yet. I sure hope that it arrived already and just hasn’t been updated. If not, I’m wondering if it’s going through customs, and what type of delay to expect with that, or if the shipment has been waylaid by pirates, have ninjas been dispatched on a recovery mission, or what have you.


I’m down with the ninja theory.


I can tell you the order that left on the 15th has not made its way to users yet. So you have at least 10 days plus to go.


@Quadrophenia, Thanks, that’s helpful. I can go back to checking on stuff once a week instead of daily.


Hi @Dallas.Hao , @mozi , can I get any better estimate of where my headset is or when it’s supposed to arrive? P123104.


Still no help going for 20 days since the last response.Please let me know what is happening.
@mozi @Dallas.Hao