Kickstarter and Preorder Shipping Status Updates



yesterday the status page stopped working for me.
@mozi can i get any status update on PreOrder P123075 ?
thank you


After the bulk of kickstars have their units how come things are still such a mess i cannot understand it now should be a lot easier for pimax and yet myself and a few other backers are still awaiting the units and preorders still seem to be getting theres faster despite the lack of contact for them on here same as backers can somebody enlighten me perhaps?


Pimax is not shipping directly to you. They ship bulk orders to a 3rd party (multiple ones, actually), which then subdivide the packages and reship them. That final ship has the tracking number that really matters and the shippers seem to be haphazard about forwarding that info to Pimax.

Unfortunately, Pimax has no control over what happens once they send the bulk packages out the door. Depending on destination country and 3rd party whims, your headset will arrive sooner or later than others. Apparently, in some cases, shipments were delayed due to insufficient power plugs of a particular type.

Why does Pimax do it this way? It’s cheaper and reduces their headcount (less mailroom staff).


Please let me know my tracking number.

Backer #4081 , SUPEN-3360


That i understand fully but still begs to ask back in feb they said enough units were built for everyone and yet people who had no problems with addresses and such still are waiting for headsets.
Personally i was told UK had enough units to send me one back in feb and ever since ive been told 3 different stories about where my units are all just standard stories not facts and NOT TRUE


They remained silent.


They might not have the control, but Pimax must be able to trace every single package and therefore must know which package is where (regardless whether it is late or not). Otherwise they are selling potatoes and not the VR headsets.


so very true or they should have learnt from the previous items sent that they needed a better system by now its not rocket science is it shipping items around the world nowadays


We can despatch something from our warehouse and have it delivered to China on the next day. Which is frankly insane. Tracking number straight away. So I don’t see why Pimax can’t manage it in 2/3 months.


Just got some info on the shipment thats been Shipped out from Shanghai for a while now. I asked mozi last Friday this

Was wondering if you have any new info on the P123*** order as it was supposed to arrive to the US warehouse this week but have not heard anything.

He then just replied this

Your headset will be arranged the delivery these two days.

So hopefully we will all get some tracking info soon!!!


@mozi I received the 25/03 email confirmation of the shipment from Shanghai. 14 days have passed and I have not yet received the tracking number. Preorder 1482. please tell me where my 8k is.
thank you


The ninja Pimax recovery team is now missing.


We’ve seen later shipments arrive before earlier ones before though!


I’m not surprised. Ninjas are usually Japanese


Mine is still stuck in shanghai. :rage::rage::rage:


hey guys just wondering, i have my tracking number for FedEx for my 8K preoder… but it says “not found” when i use it on fedex website tracking…

I live in Australia Sydney

any ideas?

Order P122965
January 08, 2019 11:37AM

[Pimax 8K VR Headset - 8K VR Headset Only]

Fulfilled April 03, 2019 [FedEx #49992577xxxx


Hi. Got my Pimax 8k yesterday in russia. Kickstarter backer number 4214.

pledged 2017.10.26
delivered 2019.04.08
1.5 yerly waiting.

Waiting for the next gen model, Pimax 16k :sunglasses: !
Thank You Pimax!


I think that’s how it usually looks before FedEx actually gets the package. Someone else is handling the first part of the journey, but they’ve notified FedEx and created that tracking number. My 8K was like that for about a week (Europe though).


Hi @mozi
Order Number: P124039
Shipping Status Order Confirmed
Can I know the estimated time of shipment?
I have to know how long I need to wait.
no one can answer the simple question?


i tried to get a status update for order Number P123075 without success.
still stuck in shanghai