Kickstarter and Preorder Shipping Status Updates



My prize of an 8K has finally arrived cant wait to test at the weekend :slight_smile:
Still not had backer 5K as of yet though backer number 6248


That’s probably because they use metric tracking numbers in europe.


yes thanks you are correct. It works now in fedex website. Took 1.5weeks from pimax order change to FULFILLED and tracking provided , till it registered with Fedex… as you said, it is likely transit or handling time…

i put in fedex website and now i have delivery details…woo hoo! looking forward to Next Tuesday!..

Scheduled delivery:
Tuesday 16/04/2019 by 18:00


@mozi, I’d like to know tracking number of my package.

Order number in my mail : P1594
Order number in status checking page : P121594

Order Date: 2018-10-28T00:03:59-05:00
Last Updated: 2019-03-25T05:53:35-05:00

Shipping Status
Shipped out from Shanghai


Kickstarter back #2358. The spreadsheet says shipped 5k+. I received a 5k+. However, I entered 8k in the questionnaire, but cannot return to review the info I entered.

I have received multiple emails from multiple people with return information, but frankly I do not trust info shared over email, especially since I have now been contacted by two people who do not appear to be in sync with their information, and the shipping address looks like a weird location.

Waiting for confirmation via the Supen I filed on the legitimate pimaxvr site so I can return this 5k+ and hopefully get the 8k that I have waited for for a long time.

Please someone help me end this nightmare. I just want to return the 5k+ that I still have packaged in its box and get the 8k finally.


@mozi backer 6248 any tracking or other info on my 5k please


@mozi @Dallas.Hao
Please assist with this I am backer 2522 'NO HEADSET YET" and still no assistance from you guys.Anyone else from South Africa having problems getting their headsets?


And now my pimax account through which I initiated the SUPEN does not work anymore, and I get a message saying that there is no account associated with that email.


I received a USPS notice today for a package delivery on Monday the 15th from Albany, NY. Not expecting anything else. Could it be my 8K?

Backer 6500+ in US


December 10th PreOrder for 5k+ received today in Australia.

Eight days from shipment lodged email until completed delivery.


I received my 5K plus this week, after waiting 5 month!! and lo and behold, IT’S THE WRONG VERSION! I ordered the 5K BE (OLED) and now I need to return the 5K plus for my 5K BE to arrive. I have no words


That was for the first shipment that he said which was my 8K headset I received already. I’m still waiting for the 5K+ headset that was supposedly shipped months ago please help me track this down!!! Backer 4080


Why is the delivery status not updated on the status checkout page? I made the order on April 12 (two weeks ago) and the delivery status is still empty.



This was for my 8K headset, I was told that my 5K plus was shipped many times (since late January) and I’ve heard and seen absolutely nothing nor tracking number can you please look into it? I’m growing very frustrated and tired chasing this with no responses!!!

Backer #4080


Hi, My Kick starter Backer No: 2863, What’s the status ?


Unless you are waiting for an 8KX, your headset should have already shipped and probably should have arrived. Did you answer the emailed survey, to confirm your shipping address and details?


Hi Neal,
No, I’m not waiting for 8KX, i’ve been chasing since last year, and also then Feb. 1st week also I confirmed my UK address.
As per spread sheet dtd. March status, it’s showing “Building”, pl. check is it same status still?
So could you trace my parcel struck in Logistics?
Adv. thanks
My Kick starter Backer No: 2863


And also still I didn’t receive Tracking no. yet, please check (Kick starter Backer No: 2863)


You’ll want tag @DerekVVV and I would start a SUPEN. He’s the man of the hour right and has been excellent at timely responses.


Yes, i left a separate support note to Derek