Kickstarter and Preorder Shipping Status Updates




have I replied your ticket ? too many tickets, cannot remember,
but your order is in the Ready to Ship list, it will be arranged from UK warehouse.


Thanks man, do my best.



your order is delivered, have you received it ?


Hi Derek,
Above your message is for Kick starter Backer No: 2863 ?
If it’s correct, then adv. thanks, if not then please let me know when you’re going to dispatch?



record shows your order has been delivered on 25th March.


Hi Derek,

I haven’t yet received any parcel from Pimax, you already checked 3 weeks back and mentioned you found the issue, so please check once again, Check DPD parcel tracking and find out the issue, and instead of avoiding delays, please send to me directly to my Address, which I already given.
My Kickstarter Backer no: 2863
can you give me your phone no. I can call you to discuss and resolve this matter straight away, it’s delayed almost 3 months.

i-----------Previous discussion regarding this issue -------

  • Derek VVV

2019/04/26 16:50


I also realize the problem, your order will be prioritized, any update I will inform you in time.

Sincere apology,


  • Pardha G

Pardha G

2019/04/25 19:08

Hi Derek,

I called to DPD, Southall, UK, but they confirmed below this tracking number TN : 5695276655,
not for my Address: Pardha Gadde, 106 Laburnum Rd, Hayes, London UB3 4JZ

Probably below this tracking number: 5695276655 for different person and address, DPD said, they can’t give other person’s address to verify, but confirmed this is not for my address.

so please check and provide once again my tracking number, if you already dispatched.
If not yet dispatched, please dispatch Pimax 8K to my address:
Pardha Gadde, 106 Laburnum Rd, Hayes, London UB3 4JZ as soon as possible.

Pardha G

  • Your request status changed to Logistics .

2019/04/22 13:19

  • Your request status changed to Order Issues .

2019/04/22 13:19

  • Derek VVV

Derek VVV

2019/04/22 13:19


this is the TN : 5695276655 DPD

the logistics shows it is delivered,

can you check it with your local courier?




I reviewed your case yesterday, it is in the process.


Great, thanks Derek.


so what gives guys now a couple of weeks after getting my 5k+ i get a bill from TNT for £40
We was to uk orders were shipped from the UK and no import charges this is disgraceful please inform me how you wish to sort this matter as its not really my bill



order number pls


6248 thank you kindly


so , what you are saying is, after receiving the headset, you got a bill for customs duty ?


yes sent paperwork to seans email


sent paperwork to seans email


ok, will remind him .


Hi Derek,

Please check since our last week discussion (please check above Backer no: 2863), any update regd.
My Kick starter Backer No: 2863, any tracking no. is available, if it’s processed?

Adv. thanks,



the warehouse has noticed your order yesterday, and it is in stock , so believe the delivery would be quick,


Hi there. So I had an unfortunate incident the other day with my Pimax 5k+. I left it where the sun managed to reach it like an idiot, and scorchio! One of the screens is damaged. What is the protocol for a repair from the UK? Do you do repairs? How much would you charge? Am I best waiting until you have a European service centre? (I don’t mind waiting a little while. It still works apart from the damaged smear, and I can kind of ignore it. I would prefer that than a long wait with no VR HMD).

Or if you cannot perform repair am I best to claim on my house insurance for a new HMD?