Kickstarter Backer 2668 (8KX) Nothing received yet, even though my shipping address has been confirmed multiple times


I’d like to be contacted by a PiMax representative to go over the abysmal support I have received so far.

Multiple mails have been sent, I clarified which loan device I’d like and yet nothing has been shipped to me.
All my reply mails have since been ignored.

I’d like PiMax to keep its promise and ship my load device since I am an 8KX Backer!

Please contact me ASAP.


Same here. Backer 2390 8kx waiting for my loaner since 2017…


hey , 8KX is still in R&D stage.


Yes, 8KX is not nearly finished, and I’d like the team to take their time for it too.
But we were promised loan devices in the mean time.
And we are getting ignored here…


@Heliosurge could you Point me in the right direction please?


@Dallas.Hao or @DerekVVV can maybe look into it… Do you have a Supen on not receiving?


Maybe they annouce Today something 8kx related…


Maybe. I think I missed @PimaxUSA’s monday update post. Anyone have a link?


Same here… waiting and waiting and waiting SUPEN 3773 Backer 2390

@Dallas.Hao @DerekVVV