Kickstarter: Base station , Controller etc



Not that significant when you compare our KS price vs Retail from Valve & HTC. Simple truth we have no proper update on things. So best not to place faith in any scenario.

But I agree with your sentiment. Don’t count the chickens until they hatch. Which is also true with an official update preferably sent via KS update.


Yes I’m just pointing out people are quick to believe what they want to believe and don’t apply scrutiny lest they see their belief is a myth. Human nature is strange indeed.

As you say, it adds up to no announcement on when LHs will ship to backers at all. They have literally informed us there is no timeframe for backers getting LHs. It is truth which is an improvement. A why (which actually made some sense) and a what we’re doing about it would be an amazing step for pimax to make.

Instead the why is because they can ship it with nonsense, which they’re not shipping to us. Literally nonsense.


Pimax has literally lied for nearly 2 years now. I am a kickstater backer and have only received the headset. Gave them $869 11/02/2017. Downgraded to the 5K in hopes of receiving the entire system but Without the base stations and controllers the headset is virtually useless. They have continually made promises they do not keep. As an Amazom prime customer I am going to let them know their association with Pimax will only put a stain on Amazon and will recommend they re-visit the relationship.


I think you need to re evaluate. Headset 7 to 8 months late. Controllers, LHes & other accessories 1 year & 5 months late & counting.

Most Tech KS are on average 1 to 2+ years late on delivery.

I am also an Amazon Prime customer. Atm Amazon is my reccommendation for anyone considering a pimax next gen headset due to near hasslefree purchase protections Until pimax can get their Customer Support fixed up. You might pay more through Amazon; but it’s worth it imho.

Guess your not aware how to use it without LHes? Sure it’s not the full monty but you can get quite close with 3rdparty options like Driver4vr/Kinect2VR.

Hopefully Pimax Day will meet expectations & not Vaporize. :beers::sunglasses::+1::sparkles:


And while waiting I picked up a LH from ebay for £75. It stated it was used, but I found I needed to peel off the plastic film so it felt pretty damn new to me.

And while two LHs + controllers are obviously important for room based games, tbh head tracking is of pretty limited benefit in many seated situations. It’s nice to look behind my chair in Elite and stare at my ship interior, but it’s not actually useful and therefore I hardly ever do it. Perhaps looking through the back screen in multiplayer race sims, but I reckon most people just use the mirrors


One of my base stations is broken and I play roomscale games all the time with one.


Sure good LoS positioning is all you need. I don’t have controllers for the Pimax yet but Skyrim with 5k+, single LH, and Xbox controller tracked fine


True, but it is helpful. I often lean forward to read tiny text and gauges. Like you, I have 1 LH, which I bought new. That’s absolutely fine for seated games.


I should say 6DOF vs 3DOF instead of head tracking shouldn’t I :slight_smile:

Sure, I do occasionally lean but it’s more ‘for fun’ (!), as I’ve never had much issue reading text in Elite with the Pimax. It’s such a huge improvement over the Lenovo, where I definitely struggled to tell 0, 6, 9 etc apart.

I have not touched the WMR system since the 5k+ arrived, despite being lighter and more comfortable. The critical areas where I instantly wanted an improvement have been delivered - clarity and FOV - so I’ve never looked back (sorry for the pun hehe).

If there are forthcoming solutions for PP and AA, plus the comfort accessories, then everything will be grand. As on the other thread about September 16th, if Pimax don’t have solutions coming soon for the accessories and controllers I’ll finally go elsewhere for those. But the core spec of the headset is exactly what I wanted. An 8K-X spec would be nice of course, but there’s nothing wrong for me with the 5k+


Hmmm… just looking at other kickstarters… Star Citizen. Holy cow. Well, building up a company from scratch is a big task. Processes must grow. Workflow establishes. Market for parts better known, QA right at it. It’s a big deal, and it takes a while. Product quality as well - all the fidges, endless prototyping and testing, and then the quality of the foam swerves and bang, you got problems. Then you change the casing material slightly because the manufacturer cannot cool it properly, and you’ll need another adhesive agent, or whatever. Or a batch of casing was problematic, and you’re waiting for replacement from that deliverer who says “yeah we got a slot in 3 weeks”. Hah, meanwhile you’re losing your hair.

And we know there were issues with the delivery of the Lighthouses from Valve too, which decided to release a direct competitor to the Pimax product.

I wouldn’t overestimate Amazon. They refused support on my RTX2080ti, because they “don’t have it in stock anymore”. Offered money back, but just 1200, and the card’s price has risen to 1450. And MSI said “please talk to the vendor”. Great. Pimax support exchanged my headset. It took a little under 3 weeks, but that’s still fine timewise. So yeah, they upped their game regarding Customer Support big-time.

Now I’m into holidays anyway. 4 weeks of nothing-like-that trouble :star_struck:


Well you can’t expect an inflated refund. :beers::sunglasses::+1::sparkles:


That is true, but Pimax was already existing company with existing VR products they were already selling. This is what gave us more confidence and bigger expectations.

If it was true kickstarter (non-existing company) I would have never backed it.