Kickstarter Stretch Goal status?



Dear Pimax team,

We’ve been promised free stretch goals during the campaign (Face Cushion, Headstrap, Prescription frame + Fan, Wireless coupon, content, eye tracking module, …). While we’ve all been disappointed by your communication level during the campaign, and the huge delay, it seems like you’ve made some efforts to improve it. However, it seems like everybody forgot about the above and you’ve not really made a clear update on these neither.

It’s nice that you’re telling us what you’re working on, however if you expect to deliver these stretch goals in 2 years time that’ll be too late. Can you give us an update?




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bump bump

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it must be very hard for you guys, to answer this extremly difficult questions …

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They are to busy with RMA`s


Time to pull out the big guns…

@SweViver, Hi Martin, can you please get us an update on the stretch goal status?

(It is the weekend, so he might not get back to us until Monday.)


I’d also like to know this.

Especially a DAS-style headstrap, and different cushions…

I’m also looking forward to the Basestations soon, to get them early I am ready to pay shipping separately.

The Sword Sense Controllers can come later, I know they will take time.


I’m sure we will get the run around on this. More coming soon stuff. He works for pimax so we will not get anything more than what they want to tell us whiich is basically nothing. Seems they want to wait until most of the backers are gone so they do not have to fulfill the rewards. I mean how long does it take to make face foams. I think all of pimax’s good Will has dried up



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I really need some fans in this summer heat. I don’t like the idea of buying some and then getting the stretch goal fans afterwards for nothing. I already bought a DAS because Pimax was not making progress. I actually got my eyes lasered so I don’t need the frames anymore, HAH!


We have already paid additional shipping for the base stations, Pimax must just ship them at no additional cost.


crickets from pimax as usual, nothing to see here.


It’s a good thing that crickets weren’t one of the stretch goals, or we wouldn’t even have that.


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Bump - and in particular, looking to hear if they’re going to mimic the audio solution used on the Valve Index.


I dare say this thread and all of the bumps have fallen on deaf ears since pimax probably consider it “anecdotal” and “not representative of the opinion the majority-base of users”. Maybe they watch these commments and threads and just smile to themselves as they play this waiting game on their terms.


How about just everything we paid for?


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It’s been few days already that I’ve asked my questions, while I’m not expecting to receive my stretch goals tomorrow, a simple “We’ve seen your question and will answer by the xxth” would show some professionalism or at least show that your care a about us a little.

What do we need to do to get some answers? It seems like few people followed this thread, would you like us to go on all the Pimax review posts online and explain how you do not care about your customers? You can’t over-promise, under-deliver and continue to ignore us.

And please, don’t try to explain us why you need 6 months to build a face foam … it’ll make things worse.

Looking forward hearing back from you!


My guess is that this all is due to the new 8KX being near completion:

  • face foam, they developed new face foam (i.e. in the last update of 26 June), and they don’t want to send the old type of face foam because of they may don’t have enough of them, but the new foam is not ordered yet;

  • all other simple stretch goals (headband, fans, 3 pieces of soft) need to be compartible (or worth for soft) with the new 8KX, and it’s not finished yet;

  • handtracking / eyetracking - same story with 8KX compatibility. If Pimax to order all the above now, the total order quantities will be smaller (for 5K+ and 8K) and price will be higher.

Especially if they plan to drop 5K+ and 8K after releasing 8KX, that is a sensible from business point of view - minimising the production costs and maximising the revenue. Unfortunately that can cause a lot of pain for KS backers, because of hardware and software support for 5K+ and 8K will be dropped as they did with 4K.


Small company full of engineers… We have had 3 face foams. There was the original version, the updated version and the 15.5mm version. The 15.5mm version we only have in small quantity though and we also have a 4th one on the way that is made of pex material.

One small note you can also change the shape of the inner cowling where the face foam attaches (it’s removable) and have a special foam. Theoretically we could release a different version of that assembly (It is indeed improved on recent samples). It’s one of the little known nifty things about Pimax headsets.