Knuckles with Pimax 5K+ [fixed]



IMPORTANT EDIT, the fix is the first reply to this topic, giant thanks to all :smiley:

Hello everyone,
I have a Pimax 5K+ and a set of SteamVR knuckles EV3 controllers and I cannot get them to work together.
What does work: pairing, tracking, PiTool sees them (as wands) and they track really well in all apps I’ve tried.
What doesn’t work is all buttons/functions of the controller, trigger seems to register as ‘grip’ button in some apps where I can actually get far enough to test, but nothing else does anything except ‘Home’ button.
Also, SteamVR seems to see them as Vive Wands but with incorrect button/function mapping and thus nothing works in either games coded for Knuckles (Contractor$, SteamVR Home) or not (Into the Radius Beta). So I’m wondering if anyone has ideas for this issue?
My hunch for it is that either PiTool or the 5K+ firmware is behind this but I don’t know for sure, what I do know is that on SteamVR something changed with Beta 1.41 that seems to have done something to controller mapping when an application uses generic HMD profile pass through in some way, this can be found in an as of yet unclosed issue for SteamVR Beta on Git.


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Maybe this helps


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Wow, I’ve spent days searching for literally this, you, Sir, are a saint! Tested it just now, and you have to map all functions yourself but it makes it all work and see the controllers correctly.


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Ah I spoke too soon, after reboot they went back to not working and I can’t map them correctly in SteamVR and redownloading the driver did no difference… I don’t know how the SteamVR driver system works at all so any clues would be helpful…
Edit: they are mapped as aapvr_controller or some such by SteamVR which is what renders them useless