Korean retailers Allip and pimax, who was lying?



아… 영어는 어려워서 한글로 작성합니다.
그건그렇고 파이맥스는 왜 이렇게 약속은 안지킨대요?
한국 사람들만 모인 곳에서 토론하고 있으니, 보이지 않는다고 약속을 안지키는건가…
우리가 파이맥스를 믿을 수 있게 해주세요.


What are your aiming for? Pimax has communicated how it happened. You can belief it or not but anyhow, its done. Overall it did not delay the scheduled delivery to backers.

To me it seems your are only concerned about your own reputation, which nobody really cares expect you.


I don’t believe PImax would make such a mistake!


I still think you are a pimax employee.
Have you ever thought about the sense of betrayal that Korean backers are feeling?


It pointless being angry right now. Backers are almost at the finish line. Seriously end it and let them fufill the backers.


Batch 13 quantity 368 Ship date:176 units(7th Jan 2019) 192 units (8th Jan 2019)
Batch 14 quantity 472 Ship date 208 units(9th Jan 2019) 264 units(10 Jan 2019)

840 shipped in 4 days = 210 shipped per day.
If still there is around 4,000 backers to wait, I think it is around 20 days.
I think 15-20 days all backers will get shipped if they already reply the survey or pimax update the spread sheet.

Pimax has shipped around 2,867. Almost half (but may include some replacement for a little). So I assume around 3,500 backer will get headset soon.


그러게요 파이맥스에서 한 약속들이 지켜지지 않으니 계속 실망할뿐입니다.

파이맥스를 믿고 진행 하였는데 계속 중간중간 한 이야기들이 지속적으로 지켜 지지 않으니깐 지칩니다.


We hope that pimax will not make a wrong decision anymore. Korean retailers are telling preorders to ship from January 20th. Preorders may ship before ks.


What are you talking about? That person is the person in charge of the 56,330 people VR membership groups in Korea. We trust him.


No delay in the scheduled delivery to the sponsor?
Initially, I finished setting up a PC in December of 2017 by citing that 1Q will be shipped in 2018.
Since then, I have waited for more than a year. But there was a person who received the product in just 2 days at ALLIP.
Can you understand?
Why do you defend PIMAX without knowing much?


I’m very grateful for your trust.:heart_eyes:


I told you I’m not. So what’s the point bringing it up again? Do you want to start another round of flaming thread with your pals?

I really dont see any “new” information from you but just more unfounded rumors.


That’s the point. You are only concerned about your reputation and therefore spreading unfounded information and rumors.


I always present clear evidence here. Do you have no eyes?


Yes i have eyes and I also can read Pimax statement. Do you? They explained it - one can believe it or not. But for sure it is not worth another flaming thread like you have started it again.

You take yourself and your “reputation” why to serous. Might be a cultural thing…but anyhow not less annoying.


“Max1 = pimax1?” Korean backers all think you are a pimax employee.
The action you are doing now is the same as the action of pimax.
You should just be quiet.


Man have some emphathy and let the affected backers have their say.

While I admire your patience, the Korean community feels betrayed and they are entitled to an explanation after the unfolded evidence.

They have waited for more than a year and with a promise to be prioritised.

Their request is aimed at Pimax so no need to shut them down


You proof yourself as source of fake information and only concerned about yourself.


I dont think it is about “his” community but only about his “reputation”. Park overstepped it by spreading wrong information and rumours to protect his reputation.


You are still defending pimax with illogical horses.