Korean retailers Allip and pimax, who was lying?



I’ll tell you again. I have given clear evidence here. Give me evidence that I’m wrong. If it’s not, then be quiet.


Are you a “pimax” company official?


When did he boast of his reputation?
Tell me which post it is.


Park is trying to get to the bottom of this and make sure to expose who is not telling the truth. Honouring a promise can be very dear from person to person yet alone from culture to culture.

So let Pimax respond to the Korean backers’ new evidence/claim.


Pimax must explain and keep his promise.
You said you were going to send the product in January, 2018.
It is now January 22, 2019.
I didn’t even get 8k.
When will you send me 8k?
Keep your promise.to stop lying


Didn’t Pimax promise to deliver the shipment to Kickstarters from scratch and then sell it in general?
Pimax is silent when he is at a disadvantage and makes lying too easy.


Do you present your evidence? Why are you advocating “pimax” despite showing evidence?


Max1, who are you?
Are you Pimax team?


Learn to read. I’m not “defending” Pimax - as I wrote before, I also think their information policy could be better. But what i really dont like is people spreading wrong information and rumors, especially, if they are only concerned about their own reputation. Why? Because it distracts from the real issues!


all-ip pimax 8k official release news
pimax = liar


You are getting away from the point. The cause of this problem is with pimax. The wrong information and rumor’s biggest mass-producers are also pimax.


Again, Pimax gave a statement. What else do you want to discuss? Do you want to roll a dice if they told us the truth? If you dont believe them - fine.

But you are still going on and on open new topics without any more information but just more rumors or wrong information. This is not helping anybody. This is what i dont like. You put yourself and your ego in the center and distract from the real problems.


What is wrong with my words?
A lot of people are telling you that you are wrong, but you are still defending pimax. You are wrong.
Don’t turn me on to the cause of the problem. You are defending pimax in the wrong way.


If I care about my personal self-esteem, Korean backers will not support me. Your way of thinking is so distorted.


I read old reply of Max1 and he ask question to pimax like a backer, I don’t think he will be a pimax team except he register to work with pimax later.

About all-ip , although pimax or all-ip are both of lier, I think it is about reason of business.

Although pimax force all-ip to stop the selling, but if all-ip not do as pimax ask, pimax may can’t do anything too much because they will lose the partner.

Approve that pimax or all-ip is lier may not be good for both of them.


In case someone missing the answer, here is the official response from pimax.

no “if”, no “but”, thats simple, bullshitting around wont change anything


Wow you guys are still at it . Time to kiss and make up :grinning:


Dude, you have no new information. You are just rephrasing what you have written already in several other topics. By doing so, you are distracting from the real issues. This costs time and will delay tackling Pimax obvious issues with quality control, delivery, …


Calm down, gentlemen. I recommend you to get some beer and relax :beers:


When @park show about video of pimax (though the lens), I ever ask xunshu about this, she tell that you got the V5 (not M2) and not tester.

I am volunteer to get a headset to test (at least to get some headset to test because no anyone getting the prize from vr park which not announce at that time).

She tell me that there is no enough headset at that time.
Who know, may she lie to me too, but okay that is a not problem and you get the 5k+ and 8k to test (but not a problem for me) . I think that you get a good chance with no anyone can get.

Sometime, people get benefit in different way and we should accept about that.

I think we should solve the situation more than checking who is wrong right now.

Pimax still need more money to develop the other module.