Korean retailers Allip and pimax, who was lying?



I presented new information. pimax explained Allip’s fault, but Allip said the opposite.
So backers in Korea have become more unbelievable about pimax, and they worry that the same problem will happen again.
Do you understand what I mean?


When we can’t find who are lier, it is up to each member in your forum choose to believe. That is not your problem, sometime we only get info from pimax to tell them, The decision is up to each member in forum, not you. So don’t be worried about it too much.

We don’t need to motivate people to believe anything.

Pimax can said that All-ip is a lier? no, they can’t do that with their busisness partner.
Both of them only tell that they tell the truth. They have to care about their relationship.

What is benefit for korean customer if pimax destroy All-ip and you have to order headset from pimax store directly? I will not do that when I get a lot of duty because no any distributor in my country.

Just only accept that they making the mistake sometimes and let continue without more mistake.


Presenting facts isn’t exactly making decisions for anyone. It’s odd to me that you want them to simply accept the situation and move on yet by your own postings, you’re actually accomplishing the opposite … you keep the topic in focus. They’re upset… I can understand why. If this situation occurred in a Western nation… I think the outpouring of angry posts would be even greater.

As I said before… let them vent. They’re backers… They have every right to do so and they have a valid gripe. I too fail to understand Pimax’s take on this situation when they say it’s not an issue because it’s a business edition. Yet, they are selling the BE to consumers and there appears to be no difference besides an added logo on the front of the HMD.


My headset is broken, pimax will ship a new replacement to me.

I said “no” to the pimax, I don’t need any new headset, I want the old headset and you have to make it to be like new again. I can’t accept other solution. I am a “Backer”!!

Do you think this is good?
Sometime we can’t do anything more, if people want to destroy pimax by not accept anything, yes they can, but I don’t see any benefit for all of us.


HERE we go again.

The Sequel…


I’m not sure how that’s related to the topic. I’m a backer also… my 5K+ completely died after 20 hours of use. I too am waiting for a replacement. But in the mean time… I purchased one of those BE editions from South Korea.

I seriously doubt this South Korean issue is going to destroy Pimax.


HOLY FK. What happened to your 5K+?


It jus a sample of angry man.

In fact I just only claim my headset for dead pixel, and they just ship it to me (still not arrived).


If pimax accept that , “yes” we lie all of you, korean backer said “we will ban you from our country”.

If pimax tell that All-ip is lier, korean backer may said “no”, we don’t believe you pimax , you are shit. So what pimax have to do next?

Or if korean backer believe that All-ip is lier, then what do they want?, tell pimax that “I don’t need Pimax to be partner with All-ip anymore”?

Why not tell pimax what do you want in your mind?

I think korean customer are very lucky when you have distributor, when I claim my headset, I have to paid returning cost and duty again.


Not me… but I believe OP (Park) already stated what they want…


Sorry, this word “you” mean not you, I mean the “reader”.


Honestly I don’t see a ‘peaceful’ resolution to this situation.

The decisions here were obviously made long ago without any input or knowledge from any backers.

I doubt anyone will react kindly no matter what both sides say.

The best thing Pimax can do right now is control their QC, improve their customer support response times and make sure the rest of the backer accessories and headsets ship quickly with Quality Assurance.


In order to do that, pimax has to focus on delivering ks first, but they are wasting a lot of time on preorders, retail sales and promotions. It’s very dangerous and sad to get consumers ahead of ks backer.


In fact, I am not defend to the pimax, I just only think about benefit for all of us.

I recommend that pimax still need make the korean backer to be the first priority.
I already get headset, I am not worried that who will get the headset first, other backer in other country may get headset soon. May other backer will feel more angry a little bit. But I see that the “backer number” is not the first priority right now while there are a lot of higher backer number already get the headset.

I am backer no 353 and just get the headset last month (23th Dec), 4000+ get the headset this month.
I don’t see much problem except backer get the wrong headset or can’t change the headset right now.

I understand that they ship headset to korean distributor around 100-200
units really? Not big lot in my opinion, yes I understand that all of you feel bad, but pimax already clear themself right now. I don’t expect that I will get more answer.

p.s. 200 units can be shipped by pimax within 1-2 days right now, I am not sure how much backer in korea, there are only 5 backers in my country.


I agree. KS needs to be all settled before any retail stuff.

I can’t speak kindly to the company’s business executive decisions so far. I just hope this can be turned around.

I doubt we will get anything more than more PR nonsense from this episode though. As I said what is most important is the next 6 months of Pimax’s ACTIONS.


I agree… I think Pimax has really pushed the VR industry as a whole and that benefits everyone.

The issue with Pimax is always the same… really poor communication. Yes, Pimax apologized over this incident… but then they seriously messed up again by trying to explain it. Their explanation actually makes matters worse when it really doesn’t make any sense and actually misleads us in contradictions of promises they made. I wish they simply said… we goofed… we’re sorry and stopped there. But they keep shooting themselves in the foot!


Park, I have certainly been one of the most critical voice against pimax mistakes and hidding truth, but look at what they are currently focussing on with the spreadsheet to (finally) fulfill all the remaining backers, it really seems they are pushing hard on that now and not that much on preorders or retail sales and promotion (except CES, but that’s understandable).


Yesterday I just ask KatVR Mini that their device support windows mixed reality or not, they tell me “no”. After I watch the trailer again, the headset is supported.

Problem of people skill and language, I accept that I have a bad english grammar too and have to read and always edit the sentence , lol.


Sure, but I can just repeat myself. Whats the purpose of your topic?

If you don’t trust Pimax, that’s fine. But why trust Allip? More important, how does it chance on the delivery schedule for backers? Not at all if we are talking only about a max number of a average daily production.

You see, it is not an actually issue on the same level as QC, sorting their survey mess, or missing delivering of promised devices (base station,…).


I think this topic is serving the purpose of letting Pimax know we are watching them and are mindful of their fkups and hopefully they don’t fk up again.

That is fine with me. Personal attacks/insults would go a bit too far. It’s ok to be angry though.