Korean retailers Allip and pimax, who was lying?



Pimax needs like Translators, PR dudes and more importantly stop doing crazy shit half the time.


We want pimax to keep the ks promise. Korean retailers are continuing to sell preorders and consumers. They can probably start shipping preorders ahead of ks. We do not want this. This topic is a warning that pimax should not repeat mistakes.


Are they STILL SELLING UNIT?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?


I think problem is, pimax ask all-ip to stop selling to consumer, but all-ip said that “no, they can sell and will not stop”.

I don’t know what pimax will do.

And how about current situation, all-ip still sell or not?
I don’t think pimax can’t do anything more for the old parcel, they can only stop to ship more parcel to All-ip.


I didn’t have any issues purchasing them … I bought more than one also. However, I purchased them on Monday (Sunday my time) and my tracking number shows I’ll receive the first one early next week.


Threatening the company, you are a real piece of work.


He’s not proposing a bombing or anything. Personally just keep it civil.

I think lots of people here need to vent anyways.


Korean backers were forced to pay customs and taxes because of retail sales, and they think they were damaged by the misidentification of pimax. This has caused very serious damage to the image of the pimax.


Can i get my Pimax8k till Nvidia realease 3080ti ?


But that was a mistake by All-IP… wasn’t it? All-Ip didn’t mention in their ad that it was the BE edition, they mislabeled the unit. Did All-Ip change that mistake by now? They didn’t deliver any Consumer versions as I understand.

I also would like to know if you can tell me… is there any difference between BE and the consumer version besides the engraved BE logo? Xunshu told me some time ago that the BE would be identical except the BE is built to be be sturdier. Is that true?


I’m sure there will be better VR headsets than the 8K when Nvidia releases the 3080TI. The 16K could be available by then!


Okay, now I understand the problem.
If no All-ip , backer don’t need to pay more custom for the retail price because when I got the headset, it specific the cheaper price than the retail price and I paid only few custom.

May you need to discuss about this with pimax because I see some topic about invoice with specific cost x3. I think pimax can be support about that.
@Dallas.Hao , @Matthew.Xu @Sean.Huang Try to considering about the situation.


Back in 2016, I was a loyal Korean consumer of Pimax despite of some quality inconsistency and driver instability of Pimax 4k. You, Pimax, had been continuously improved the drivers and even helped me via wechat to resolve the technical issue. I liked that.

I saw great vision about your future in business. and never hesitated to join KS to support your development for 8k. I had enough patience to wait several years to get the 8k.

But you completely destroy my trust. I regret what I have done at KS. I should’t have supported a company which doesn’t know how important the business credibility is.

If you honestly said your development or production needs more time, I wouldn’t have been this pissed.

Problem is you have never admitted it. you break the promise all the time and just make temporal excuses.

It seems you have forgotten who were main contributors to help you develop 5k/8k this far. Without KS supporters’ financial support and risk taking, how much could you go alone?

Respect your consumers before you move to B2B partners to grab short term benefits unless you wanna be sold to Facebook just like Oculus VR. Even if it’s your true intention, breaking promise doesn’t take you nowhere.

Btw. The worst nightmare is being realized. you are going to send 5k/8k to all KS supporters before you enjoy 2 weeks long Chinese new year vacation. Aren’t you?

PS. Not using F words in the comments was almost impossible for me.


There seems to be no difference between the two products.
Allip promoted it as official launching. This means to sell to the consumer. We repeatedly informed this fact to pimax, but they did not take any action. Until I leave a post here…


The fact that the BE units are basically the same with the exception of a $200 additional cost to purchase them right now even for consumers does seem like a cash-grab from Pimax. I have completely mixed emotions about this… thanks for info.


It’s very true. I am lazy Korean who doesnt like signing up SNS or any website. But Pimax finally made me do this.


Your heart is too fragile to lose something important, believe it.


Please keep your promise


I am the first Kick starter sponsor. PimaMs is a company that sells 4k hmd in Korea, but it was supported by faith and I thought it would not hinder receiving goods. But over time, the faith turned to disbelief. It was wrong that I believed Pimax. I can not do anything.


What happened to your appointment with the kickstart funders?

Is this the right way to deal with people who invest in faith?

We’ve been waiting for a year and we’ve been breaking our promise ever since.

You don’t answer questions and you’re just dragging your time.

It is important to get a headset right now, but the remaining accessories, AS, etc.

I have a lot of work left, but before I even get the product, I’m like this.

I can’t stand writing to the forum myself.

Please act responsibly.Please keep your promise.pimax