Korean retailers Allip and pimax, who was lying?



Hi Pimax.
Do not let backer 's trust lose any more.
I hope that you will no longer take action to break Backer’s trust once more.


If this is how you gather your ‘facts’ then I don’t trust you. Telling people who disagree with you to “just be quite” is plain rude :roll_eyes:


I agree with your opinion and reflect on it.
Max1’s words made Korean backers very angry and his defense made the Korean backer more distrustful of the pimax. So I thought he’d rather be silent. I and the backers of Korea are not trying to blame pimax. Because we are supporters of pimax. We are just trying to let pimax know that it is wrong to ignore backers and choose retailers. Due to the pre-order of pimax and retail sales, Korean backers were forced to pay customs duties and surcharges, and the value of their pride, pimax 8k and 5k, was seriously undermined. But pimax still does not know what they did wrong.


I agree with your opinion.


I’ve waited until the end, but now I’m really disappointed with Pimax.
It is late, but I want you to act now to keep your promise.


The fact is that many KS are still waiting for 8k or 5k+ in the mean time someone still can get 8k or 5k+ within 1 or 2 days regardless B or C version from All-IP in Korea now. This is acceptable to all KS? Pimax explained why it happened? Nothing can be changed even many complaints made to Pimax? Just calm down and wait whatever Pimax and All-IP telling and doing? Pimax should care of KS at first regardless B or C version. I think this is only excuse to KS. Please respect your KS and listen voice of KS carefully.


Backers are at the finish line like it basically pointless to complain.


Korea is so small that good or bad reputation spreads quickly to the whole country.
Therefore, negative reviews of Pimax and ALL-IP could also spread to the entire VR users in Korea. (Such signs are already being discovered.)
If the current problem is not resolved, even if the official launch begins, the selling rate will fall.

South Koreans have a habit of not buying things as a group if they do bad things, even if any company sells good quality products.

In Korea, there is a company called Namyang. The company didn’t commit a mistake to the consumer.
But they did bad things to Namyang employees.
All the consumers who have heard about it are doing boycott.
With boycotts, their operating profit fell 722% in a year.

Koreans are more sensitive to bad evaluation than to good evaluation of companies.
if a company behaves badly, Korean people do not buy it.


Your English is fine. My mother was an English teacher, so I know all the grammar rules, and yet, I always read and edit my posts too. I’m just compulsive that way.


As a backer I think this situation is not very good, but we need to calm down a little.

As a company Pimax need to keep moving, investing money in production, development and marketing. They need the money to invest.

8K KS campaign gave them a good start, and they are doing what they promised (maybe not everything, but we are getting the headsets etc.). But there are no more money coming from KS for Pimax. It may be that they are losing money on KS orders if you consider how long it took them to start shipping KS orders.

Pimax can stop everything apart from fulfilling KS orders, but this will limit their ability to raise more money. As a result they may go out of business simply because of they won’t be able to continue. That means all KS backers will get their headsets, but there won’t be Pimax as a company anymore.


It’s one Country let them have their grievances. Personally not impressed by one Korean Backer stating they were to have priority over KS backers. So not really imho a concern to us KS backers.

Besides if headsets are all shipped by end of the month? Nothing to really for the rest of us to be concerned with.

I do appreciate what @park said in regards to Allip selling has caused Korean Backers to pay tax. But also accept the Fact Businesses backed this project prior to the kickstarter & have legitimate contractual obligations.

Hopefully pimax can fix the taxation issue.


The same scenario would have happened once retail market opened. 1 waited year. 1 got next day.

Like I said lost concern over this when a korean backer said they were priority over KS backers.


True @park received the real ViP treatment that I and others in the m1 group have been accused of. :laughing:


Of course Alip will claim the opposite. Senseless Miracleround.


To me it is past & not really important. Headsets are shipping. :kr: has more pimax products available there than anywhere else. Like the Pimax Pro with controllers(looks like 3glasses Burbur S1 controllers)


Well it’s announced US head & i beleive now a Europe head? Improvements are being implemented. Just need time & resources to complete.


Awesome it’s PRE ORDERS not direct sales.


Well good thing you still have Samsung.


So like me & other pimax 4k owners you were aware of the 8k since Jan 2017. The Kickstarter Launchef near the end of that Year. Meaning in reality we have only waited 2 full years since the v1 was unveiled at Ces Jan 2017. But only just over a year since Kickstarter Launch.


If you were the first then you sponsored $5.