Large lens scratches on recently unboxed Pimax 5k+



After some order fulfillment communication issues with Pimax my 5k+ arrived at my door today. Was pretty, excited and am now completely disappointed. After a very careful unboxing, plugging in the necessary the cables, and attaching the head strap, I open up Pitool and see the display behind the lens come to life. I carefully pulled off the plastic lens covers and see what appeared at first to be adhesive from the plastic lens covers. So, taking the included mic-fiber cloth I proceeded to try and wipe it off. Thinking that as if it were adhesive on the exposed facing of the lens I would feel a texture or raise under the micro fiber cloth but, to my surprise, I didn’t feel anything. The lens facing are completely smooth and I realized these imperfections are on the back side of the lens INSIDE the headset. I believe they are actual scratches on the lens. I put the headset on and adjusted it and these imperfections massively distort and block the image. Any level of inspection or quality control would have prevented an issue like this. Am I missing something here? Surely this can’t be what others headsets look like.


Edit (07/10/2019 5:44 PM); emailed with full description and picture, also, filed a support ticket on the Pimax website with full description and picture


Will they send you new lense ?

It look like it is very hard for Pimax to deliver a unit free of defect.

I had to return mine after 2 days of ownership.

I hope all their customers will get satisfaction to what they deserve when you spend 700$US for a supposed high end product and that they will learn one day to raise their standard build quality.

Their support service department must be working really hard right now to be able to answer all those open ticket service. My goodness…


I got in contact with NA support and was able to get a pre-paid UPS label to send the headset in for repair/replacement depending on what they see. However, after I sent the headset off requested a full refund. I have been severely dissatisfied with Pimax in it’s entirety and no longer wish to receive a headset back and just want my money back.


At least you had a pre-paid shipping label on your side.

I’m still waiting for my reimbursement after 36 hours I shipped mine.

A 60$ on top of that where I need to run after them to get paid.

Why do you want to cancel your replacement unit and get a full refunds ?

I dont think it is an obligation for them to refunds you but it is certainly an obligation to at least give us something that function properly…

After that you will always be able to resell your unit at a decent price and minimize your lost.


I received my 5k+ yesterday and I also have large areas on at least one lens with what I thought was adhesive residue, but seems to be mechanical damage to the lens surface.

See pictures:



I’m sorry to see another person with this issue. I sent my HMD back to the NA support team Florida facility with a prepaid label from the NA support team. About a week after I shipped it off I got confirmation from the NA support team it arrived and that they would try and work with me until I got the refund. They tried several times to send another headset explaining I could just sell it on eBay as if that was profitable or easier than getting a refund. That was over a month ago. I’ve opened several support tickets trying to get someone to respond from the main support and the NA team and they’ve completely ghosted me. I filled dispute with my PayPal credit line several weeks ago and provided the proof of shipment via tracking label and confirmation emails today to force a reimbursement. Pimax has been nothing but a scam in my eyes.