LCD panel type?


I think that is very possible if you can get right panel and replace firmware. Biggest problem would be that adapter board between main board and display board. It is pimax part and that would be hard to get.

this part


The chip most adopted for VR is TC358870XBG.
I think Pimax has also adopted this chip.


Indeed, people who have these particular models are not getting the image fidelity they should but @ the same time, they are getting the benefit of no ghosting, etc.

They must pick their poison but they also are entitled to what they actually bought at absolutely no cost if they so desired.


Checking in… Received my headset a couple days ago. Have been disappointed since :frowning:

The screen door effect is prevalent – I was shocked, everyone praised the headset for this very reason!
The brightness is not adjustable at all… Options are grayed out in latest software, adjusting via the debug does nothing. My 102 headset will not function with pimax ver 1.9 nor can you adjust the brightness.

I bought two the same day, this one, and one that is still being shipped (for my bro). I’ll report in when the second headset arrives. For now, I’ve messaged gearbest and I’m hoping they’re willing to compensate in someway.


Yes this issue is awaiting support. As being the weekend please be patient.

To summerize it appears there has been a manufacturing issue with that the oled BE model which ships with a qhd (2160x1440) panel has been packaged in the 4k model box.

Check the link above to link to 4 way compare. The 102 serial should be similar to tge Deepoon E3 model. Many thanks to @VTS for this awesome contribution.

The 100 serial will look as shown in the video compare.

Additionally here is 2 pics from Unity chan provided by by @rrrokkaa of whom brought this issue to light as he has both the 100 & 102 serial.

LCD panel type?

In his pics look at the face. One you can see a newspaper effect while the other is clear.


I’m still not really sure how this could have been an ‘accident’. Pimax released the firmware for this specific 102 version: [Release]Pimax 4K firmware

This is a firmware for a 2k panel. If it was an accident, then they would have released firmware for a 4k panel (believing the 102 would have a 4k panel).

It really looks like Pimax has been selling an 2k panel on purpose, hoping people wouldn’t find out about it. I don’t have any other explanation. But let’s see what Pimax says, it’s almost business time in China, I guess they open in about an hour.


While i do agree it “looks fishy” but at the same time there should be a category for the BE model.

But its missing.
We have
PiMax 4k
PiMax 8k

So as with the car vin code & @crony who posted in Korea both models are openly sold. I will keep with the idea of a major manufacturing error. Though the fact of the front bezel/face plate does at first glance create the appearance of fowl play.

The 100 vs 102 demonstrates with your firmware probing that the 3rd digit represents panel change.

This of course is on the same scale as the defective lens issue of the past.

So lets add @PiMAX @PIMAX-Support & @xunshu


You are in the unique position of having both to view.

The 102 photo looks much sharper but with more SDE whereas the 100 photo has little SDE but looks blurry from that photo.

So which one do you prefer when you take into account image quality and ghosting?


100 has sharper image and less sde. It might be better for movies.

102 has more sde but no ghosting at all. It’s absolutely my choice for gaming.


That’s good to hear as I have a 102 in a box but not tried it yet as need to build a PC first. Have you tried a Rift or Vive and if so how does the SDE compare to the 102?

I think there are 2 main reasons to get a Pimax rather than the Rift of Vive - it is cheaper and it has less SDE so I’m very interested in how it compares.


Checkout this link the pimax with serial 102 should be similar to the deepoon e3.


If Pimax is leaning toward 1440p It seems Deepoon is better in every possible way. Just the software alone is better straight out of the box. No drift problem with latest firmware according to VTS. Ergonomics look superb. Im all for 4K VR but here right now in 2017 were stuck with these options


Yes, i think pimax BE has no chance in compare DPVR E3.


Im really interested if the visual quality is better than the Oculus? Pimax is a small start up company but Deepoon has far more experience in VR. The Software looks verry good!

Question… Does the head strap work well with headphones?

I just bought a pair of Senheiser HD 650 over ear headphones and Creative ZXR sound card. The sound quality is amazing!. Would they fit over the E3 head strap?

Thanks for your help


I have the 102. I can see screen door, but I also have a Note 4 which I used in a Gear VR, and the screen door is much less. If the 102 has the same oled screen resolution as my Note 4 wouldn’t they look the same? I also have yet to see the ghosting I’ve read about here. shrug. I’m considering taking mine apart soon to see if I can put a focal length hack in as Luke did. If I do perhaps I can get a closer look at the screen and compare. As long as I can turn it on and not screw anything up while I have it open.

I also wonder if it may be a different screen with the 2k label if only because it can only be driven at 2k, as the HDMI specification may have been considered in the part label.


Which gear vr version you use? I compare dpvr e3 and samsung s6 with sm-r322 and sde is same.
And you see screen edge in 102?


I have the 2017 version that came with the controller. I don’t see the screen edge in the 102. My phone battery croaked, I’m recharging it. I’m going to take a conscientious look when I can to see if I see a subjective difference in SDE, etc.

Right now everyone is excited about a part name, right?


E3 is close to CV1. 10% less pixel size and more brightness. But also has godrays. And E3 has chromatic aberration on edge of lenses. SDE still noticeable.


What causes godrays? Poor lenses?


I think godrays are caused by light catching on the ridges of a fresnel lens.

I took a little time to compare a Gear VR with a Note 4 with the Pimax 4k. I had to have readerrs in the Pimax in order to see pixels, I alway use readers in it because the focus is so bad. In the GVR I just use their focal dial.

So just staring at pixels it’s difficult to know if I’m actually measuring right. I eventualy settle down on a photo with some white text on it I brought up from the web on both devices and tried with the time I had to get them to appear to be the same size.

The Pimax does appear to have smaller pixels, but not by much. Well, it could be as much as 75% the size of the GVR Note 4. I guess that would be in line with a UHD over a QHD screen. Dunno, I could be blind.

The GVR Note 4 screen is brighter, but colors don’t seem to match. More range in the Note 4?

The SDE is more noticeable in the GVR Note 4. Also, the pixels in the Pimax seem more rectangular, stacked like bricks, where in the GVR Note 4 they appear more square, and they create the effect of 45 degree diagonal lines. Even if I am blind and they are the same resolution the SDE is enhanced on the GVR Note 4 because of the diagonal lines. There may be less spacing between pixels on the Pimax as well.

I would take the Note 4 for brightness, maybe color, but nothing else. I have not noticed ghosting in my Pimax at all yet, I keep wondering what people are talking about. I use flight sims and I ike low and slow flight over photoscenery. (Get FSEarthTiles and you can fly anywhere in the Pimax, it’s breathtaking) It’s not as bright as I would like, but with the latest 1.2.85 it seems brighter IMHO.

I sought out the Pimax because I couldn’t get the framerates I wanted using a Gear VR even over USB with riftcat. And I wanted a screen that could show readable gauges, as they are in the GearVR Note 4. (FYI, the latest 2017 Gear VR fits the note 4) For what I paid for Pimax and NOLO, hopefully on the way soon, I could have had an oculus rift with controllers, but I really did not want it because resolution has always been very important to me. Plus I’ll get to do Vive programs a little easier.

There are always tradeoffs people. I just hope that Pimax understands that those tradeoffs are to be in the clear made by the purchasers ONLY. To advertise one thing and put out another is called a bait and switch and is taboo in some markets, instant brand destruction, it’s entirely unforgivable. But from what I can tell I have no reason to think it is not a 4k screen. Like I said, maybe labeled 02 for a different reason.