Leaked 2080 and 2080ti benchmarks


With both the Pimax and the new Nvidia cards releasing at almost the same time, it is going to be a difficult decision on what to do.

Edit almost for got the link lol


ill take two. jokes aside wondering how far down the pipe the 2070 is.


I think the 2070 is some time in October.


Those benchmarks are crazy. Im nervous that my 7600k will not feed it enough frames. My 1080p 144hz monitor craves the fps.


Wow. The VRMark result stood out for me 135fps on a 2080ti and 63fps on an “old” 1080. That card could benefit the 8k considerably.


Yeah. Just remember these are Nvidia provided numbers, so I would still wait for 3rd party benchmarks. I would also like to see how this new series OC’s.


I’d like to remind you guys that these numbers are provided by Nvidia themselves… wait for actual unbiased reviews.


I’m on the Txp and I’m gonna squeeze another year outa this card , wait and watch the numbers out of the 7 nm AMD cards , this time next year nvidia will do 7nm , instead of 10 gigarays it’ll be at least double , and the full jump , node shrink and architectural !!! :wink::grin::grin:


I have the 1080ti and qualify for the EVGA step up program. May go to the 2080 depending on benchmarks.


Not sure. do i have to buy RTX2080ti OR wait for AMD
The thing is PCIe 4.0 around the corner
AMD “to be an early adopter of PCIe 4.0” boosting Navi GPUs and Zen 2 CPUs


Is RTX20… short cycle before we see RTX 7nm or what so ever they will call it…sooner then what we expected !!


I mean if you would want to benefit from PCIe you would need a new motherboard anyways …
So that’s all gonna be very expensive …


Am thinking about the next couple of years where we cant use PCIe 3.0 motherboards for the next CPU or GPU,s

I mean I dont wanna be stuck with PCIe 3 for the next 7nm CPU/GPU that around the corner …


I think even 3.0 PCI-E has not been fully utilized up to date - I think there are benchmarks around with tripple SLI and it was like 2-3 Frames difference in using 8x or 16x in an SLI on a 1080 System… so not sure if PCI 4.0 buy itself is a must.
On the other hand everything keeps evolving and you are always “better” of to wait for the next big step… but then you never get to use new hardware since it keeps repeating every time - its all down to “waist that money now or tomorrow?” :wink:

Edit: I dont remember this one, but its always good to have some reference

Edit2: Ok in that one there is some difference might be worth investigateing…


These benchs looks waaaaay too optimistic… so much performance gain has never happened in a new Nvidia generation in the past 10 years, so… it’s suspicious.


What about 980 to 1080 ?
60% faster in most games … ??


I bet they were “leaked” rather than leaked…


I’ve had all Nvidia cards since GTX 6x0 series, the best gain happened from GTX 7x0 to 8x0 , if we are talking about comparing the same submodel card, but it was something in the “4x%” , certainly not 60%… maybe you’re using a 970 to 1080 comparison ?..


According to the linked benchmarks, the 2080Ti will be 2-3 times as fast as my 980Ti, based on relative performance to 1080. Of course, vendor-created benchmarks tend to have inflated numbers, so who knows if I’ll actually see that sort of framerate increase. I’ll be happy if I do.

Also, Nvidia has delayed the GeForce RTX 2080 Ti general availability by one week.


I kinda new to the graphics card scene, so could someone explain pricing? The Keynote said the 2080TI would be $999, but it’s listed for $1199?


I think that was nVidia’s original list price and that, due to high demand, there’s some price-gouging going on. I’m going to wait before I buy one. Hopefully the price will go down a bit in the next few months.