Leap Motion interesting open source AR headset


For those like myself wondering what is appending to this company

Hand Tracking Module - Are there any news, yet?

This headset integrates the same 180 degres hand recognition module sold with the pimax 8k. The Orion software seems to have greatly improved.


the blog article says nothing about the 180° hand recognition. However - it’s in their current hand motion VR tech description on the main website.

The hand and limb recognition should always be wider than the HMD FoV so the rendering doesn’t need to pop in or use other distracting effects when moving arms towards the edge and back.

I hope it will not become irritating when there are 20° missing compared to the Pimax 8k FoV.

Unfortunately Leap Motion in VR is still a prototyping gadget with demos only, I really enjoyed those using the Rift. AFAIK there is 0 support in commercial VR software today. :cry:


At the end of the blog:

Coupled with hand tracking running at 150 fps over a 180°x 180° field of view. Putting this headset on, the resolution, latency, and field of view limitations of today’s systems melt away and you’re suddenly confronted with the question that lies at the heart of this endeavor:


The AR combine Fov is 105 degres so no problem vs 180. AR FOV does’nt need to be as wide a VR Fov


tl;dr :grinning:

so 180° vertical and 180° horizontal - that would be nice for our Pimax VR, still i hope for a custom version of more than 200° horizontal


why should anybody care about their AR display tech. It’s really just the progress in hand tracking that counts. Some of the backers bought into the new LeapMotion Module without knowing whats coming…

The AR discussion as such doesn’t belong into this Pimax 8k main thread, there is another one for general discussions over here