Leap sensor and driver4vr issue



Can anyone please give us some feedback about the use of the leap and driver4vr?

Me and another person are having this issue.

What we see in steamvr home, is a laser coming from our headset (a pimax and an oculus go) when driver4vr is on and leap option in driver4vr is on.


As far as the pimax. The leap works in my pimax 8k home. I can see my hands and move them and the fov is throughout the whole 8k fov, which is great. (So strange because with the driver “leap for steamvr” , the range of the leap is only maybe 120 degree.)

Anyway, as soon as I start steam vr and then I start driver4vr leap, the problem arise.

I do not see my hands. Again, There is just this line in the center of the headset , like my hands are at the center of my headset.

So my assumption is that the leap is set up properly otherwise i would not have seen my hands properly in pimax home before the boot of streamvr

I can see my hands in leap motion diagnostic visualizer while steamvr is running and driver4vr leap is running too.

I have disinstalled:

steam vr
any leap motion driver
any open vr driver

than I started in this order:

  1. steam
    2)steam vr

  2. leap orion (https://developer-archive.leapmotion.com/downloads/external/v4-developer-beta/windows)

  3. driver4vr

After driver4vr is installed, steam vr starts and the driver4vr menu appears.
I set leap motion as hand controller and then I click on start driver4vr.

Can you please help us ?

Is this a problem that anyone else has faced before?


@pimax @PimaxUSA @Pimax-Support

Can anyone please look into this issue that the pimax 8k is having with driver4vr?

I have used OpenVR-InputEmulator and plaied with DriverFromHead 's Yaw angle for each controller and I am still bavig issues.

With yaw: 125 degree and x: -16 degree, I can see both controllers in front of me but:

  1. The virtual world ,around the vive controllers that I can see, is warped and upside down

  2. the right and lefts vive controllers in the vr world are switched around compared to my hands. My Right hand moves the left controller , my left hand moves the right controller

Can pimax please look into this problem and solve it?

I can’t use the 8k with driver4vr



Anyone from @pimax please with any news about this?

Have you guys tried driver4vr on the 8k/5k+?