Let's give a name to the Pimax controllers


Hi Futurists,

How do you like to call the Pimax controllers? We have several names in mind but would love to hear from you before we make a decision.

How to participate:

The first step, please leave your comments below.

and then, we will start a poll in the forum in May.

The most voted name will be adopted as the name of the Pimax controllers and printed in all the relevant marketing materials and product packages.

To say thank you, we will prepare a gift to the member who comes up with the winning name first here in the comments.

Notice: comments in other channels won’t count, please leave your comments here in this forum topic.

Best Regards,
The Pimax Team

The new ID of the Pimax controllers
5K/8K Official Updates

Pimax HandPlus … (Hand+)
or HandsPlus (Hands+) not sure for grammar.


Pimax Knuckles = Pickles :grin:


Pimax McPiface is a great name


I think that should be Puckels.


How about the Pimax Ability controller?


Recommend more

1 .Pimax Palm
2. Pimax Punch,
3. Pimax Puncher (easily call puncher)
4. Pimax Knockle

thank you.


It was Pickle Rick meme


Hi @xunshu

How about:

Pimax “Trigger Happy” controllers . Meaning


Pimax “Guns Out” Controllers

trigger-happy meaning:
ready to react violently, especially by shooting, on the slightest provocation.
“territory controlled by trigger-happy bandits”

Guns out meaning:

Be prepared with your guns out. Show your biceps (muscles) “Guns”

@Heliosurge @sjefdeklerk Sound gay AF or not?



What about Pimax Grip (controllers)? The PGs :slight_smile: cheers


Pimax Grasp
Pimax Helm
Pimax Traverse
I like Grip too


Fully Unrestricted Control Kontraption
Pimax Grips


How about PiREST = Pimax + Rest = PiRest because the newest design,you don’t need to hold your controller whole time


I am thinking more about some concept.

If 8k = Brain
controller = Bone (“Pimax Bone” or call it “HandBone”).

Other one is “Sonar” for “survey the world”.


Arch Controllers

Its playing a bit into the Pimax name and the look of the “sensor shroud” on the controllers.


How does the PiGrip sound? Alternative: PiCons (inspired by Nintendo’s JoyCons).


PiForce (Pimax Force)


How about naming them after constrictor snakes? It goes well with how the controllers secure to your hands.

Pimax Boas


Pithon Controllers

combination of Pi and Python. They even have a shape of a snake.


Just call them the Pimax Digit Controllers or just the Digits.

There‘s 10 fingers supported overall, so those are your digits plus it’s digital plus it sounds pretty good.


That would make them the Pimax 20 Fingers.

But I like Grip a lot. Short, to the point and pretty universal