Let's talk about 'Pimax Day' here



Yes but we have to go off of the best intel we have at the moment.


Which is none on that side. Naked eye accessment looking through portholes does not show screensize.


@SweViver, will EyeTracking work with GTX 980? Will 8kX work with it too? My 8k works well.


Forget about 8k x if you dont have a rtx 3080 ti atleast


I am getting 35 fps in no mans sky maxed out with a rtx 2080 ti lol and a pimax xr


it means that the display looks 15% larger basically


I made a new topic with a proposition: Suggestion regarding LH and Controllers
Maybe you guys want to take a look :wink:


I got many games to run well, should work even better with EyeTracking, I could get the 8kX at the same res as my 8k until I upgrade my machine.


8k+ is the best ratio image quality/gpu :+1:


We need to see performance for the 8kx before anything else. Performance was trash on the 5k+ for games that required PP to be on, this has to be twice as worse… (i have a 2080 ti and an i7 8700k cpu btw)


Yes, the 2080ti + 9700k with the index is just on the limit according to my preferences.
Pimax to me is unplayable.
Surely it is ok for gamers who are accustomed to low fps and/or minecraftian graphics.

Edit. That came up a bit harsh, surely theres games with simple graphics that runs well with the Pimax headset. Those are just not the kind of games I’m interested of playing.


Yes, the communication issues are a real problem. However, I don’t think it’s fair to complain about the controllers at all. One of the biggest problems with a Kickstarter is delays. That’s common to a lot of them (consider Star Citizen). I think Pimax’s controller offer is quite reasonable. Pimax will deliver controllers as soon as they can; if you don’t want to wait, there’s another option. Pimax didn’t have to offer replacement controller that could be shipped more quickly.

I understand that you’re frustrated by the delays. We all are. However, no one is forcing you to spend money. You just need to be patient. Personally, I bought a version 1 lighthouse back in January and I’ve really been enjoying my 8K. We were told that the controllers would be delayed (after HMDs had shipped). That’s still the case.

As for the eyetracker, it’s simply not that big of a deal, for me (personally), since I only play seated games…


Nor am I. Here’s the way I’m thinking about it. I like my 8K and the 8K+ should be significantly better, since the SDE is what bothers me most. Even if I have to run it at my current VR settings (for a 2080 and i7 8700K), it should look a lot better.

For just $300 more, I can get an 8KX that should last for at least a couple of GPU upgrades (and just look better and better over time). I’m willing to pay more for a product that should have a longer useful lifespan, so I think the 8KX is the better option.

The 8KX is the HMD I really wanted, but I didn’t think I’d be able to run it on my PC, since Pimax said (at the time) that we’d probably need an SLI setup to use it. Plus, I didn’t want to risk that much cash on a Kickstarter.


Which is kinda funny, because theres basically 3 games that supports VR SLI


I am only annoyed with Controllers due to their stating it will be soon out & how great the 16th announcement was going to be.

Yes controller option is maybe reasonable if it is difference of just controllers. Not difference of complete lh & controllers at $179.

I wouldn’t be irritated if they had communicate this transparency instesd of carroting things with promised demos & ready soon. With 0 demos & hype of how it will be ready soon.


I responded to your argument that you wasted your money in the Pimax because it was awful in terms of ghosting. That‘s what you said, that one issue.

So I just pointed out, that you then would have wasted all your money on the other devices as they have (different) issues too. I did not know you returned pretty much all of them.

I can only say that I pre-ordered the Vive and CV1 via their international webpage at the time, and could not choose any refund if I had not liked the experience either (well, Oculus generally has been quite generous, perhaps they would have offered it - HTC pretty surely didn‘t).

So you are complaining that a company with 30 employees doesn‘t have a world-wide retail system with trials in local stores being enabled, or ships them from China to your home and takes them back, all at their cost, if you don‘t like them (although you can check out multiple independent reviews online to see if they likely will be to your liking - which these headsets surely never were) - and you even openly admit that you didn’t like any headset and sent back all of them save for your first one.

And then you even call them out for being a “shady“ business? Even the money-printing Steam webshop puts a limit on that kind if shady customers, if they make a nasty habit of returning the products and asking for refunds - and they didn‘t even make any loss on shipping, packaging and wear&tear - as opposed to a company shipping actual hardware !

Sorry, but I simply cannot understand why you ever ordered their product in the first place - given your attitude and expectations.


Simply put if you had bought your Vive from a reputable reseller you would have been able to return.

Ie Amazon, EBay, BestBuy etc…

Just not worth in many cases buying direct from Mfgr as it should be. Unless a car as the rep will take you for a test drive. :beers::sunglasses::+1::sparkles:


Thing with the controllers and the option to choose Valve Index controllers, is that arent they still bugged?

Even MRTV returned his set and Valve replaced them with another set of bugged controllers.
Meaning even Valve have not fixed them yet, or refuse to.


Yes, true, but no other headsets are utilizing it like Pimax is.


Even with the hacked in version, the gains from FFR are pretty huge in Skyrim.