Let's talk about 'Pimax Day' here



Oculus has been doing so with FFR behind the scenes with Game implementation which trumps a driver implementation.

VR Games should have FFR baked in & not driver upconverted.

Folks have had mixed reviews on Nvidia’s driver FFR driver convertion.


Skyrim is using VRwerks from Nvidia & is why it works well even on a 980ti with mods.


I hope more games do get direct support. What Pimax is doing is great for getting widespread support in games that otherwise wouldn’t support it, but direct support would still be nice.


Atm it seems Oculus is more the front runner 9n game direct FFR with something like I think was 4 or 5 types.

One uses an extra HAM like idea. Think EchoArena is said to use this one but not sure.


Well, yes, it was a waste of money, but I had a dream of high resolution and wide FOV. And that is why I ordered my Pimax 5K XR.

And I do not make it my habit of ordering stuff and returning it on a whim. I have no access to those devices and choosing your HMD is a very subjective thing. Just because someone said that the black levels are awesome does not mean that the other person is seeing it the same way. You might have seen entries of people complaining about motion sickness although they use a high refresh rate device. Numbers and online reviews do not say much for potential customers.

And I am completely fine if a company decides to be an online company only, but it should provide a test and return service on a device that can subjectively be experienced different from person to person.

And sales numbers will not say anything about Pimax’s acceptance on the market because returns due to negative feedback on performance (ghosting) or experience (black levels) will never be counted into the statistics. And just because you do not feel or experience it this way does not mean that the other people that do not see it this way are weirdos that do not know what they are talking about.

And if the company has only 30 people developing a product, then I wonder why they suddenly roll out a ton of new products in the next few months if their capacities are limited. Should they not rather work on perfecting one product and introducing proper logistics to support an online shop?

And I know that return policies in Germany, where you seem to lice, are way different and Germany has to catch up a bit. I grew up in Germany as well and am used to the rule that “you need to have a really good reason to return your device, and without any nicks, to be able to get maybe some refund”. This golden rule for retailers in Germany might have changed a bit since the introduction of Amazon and Zalando, but it was very strict when I grew up.

Anyway! I think that potential customers should have the ability to test the product and to be able to say “no” to it if they subjectively do not like it (eyes and experiences vary from person to person). And if Pimax continues to be an online shop then a return policy is a must if you want to have happy customers. They created a fantastic product in a short amount of time, but I would offer a return policy if I am standing behind my product and am convinced that it is better than anything else on the market.
Quality sells. And they will not have a lot of returns to deal with as long as their product is superior to the rest on the market.
And I only called it shady because nobody should buy “Die Katze im Sack” (the cat in the bag) and then be left with it if he does not like it in our modern online shop world.

Did you never return anything in your life because it was not up to what you expected? Did you always eat the costs? Even for products in a premium price range like the Pimax?

And no need to get personal. I am trying to put the light onto a flaw in the business concept Pimax delivers so far, and if calling it “shady” is the way to finally get attention, then so be it.


Sounds a good plan Heliosurge. When I was watching Sweviver and Kevin I was just I want want want it I don’t care how much just let me preorder now instantly!!! It is a very expensive item.


…but for all the effort you put into explaining all of this, why didn‘t you check this one point, the option to return the product if you don’t like it, before ordering?

That surely can be expected from a customer who places high value on this right when investing several hundreds of pounds?

If you had checked this element prior to the purchase, you would have known. And if you understood that you were purchasing the product from a company in China, I don‘t see how you could trust that you didn‘t need to check ? Consumer protection isn‘t at EU levels in China.

Same goes for Taiwan, btw - HTC ignored my RMA on my Vive and I figured that there is no point trying to sue them in Taiwan. Now it‘s collecting dust in my closet because who would want want to buy a malfunctioning Vive? (but the bs & wands if course came in handy with my Pimax)


I think you may know the answer. Pimax was likely vague on the issue. If he had asked here I think most would have told him. Go through Amazon pay a bit more but less hassles.

How would he know if not coming to some kind of forum instead of perhaps dealing with A company direct.


Don’t want to contradict you but they never said that, I specifically ask this question and never had the full answer.

IT seems the only implied full open source and never confirmed what would be open, at the time I supposed only pitool would be open source because the drivers required to much external licenced sdks to compile. So no surprise for me here…


This is, again, not the point. I am not complaining that I am not getting my refund. I knew this going into the transaction. I had a conversation with Pimax support before ordering my HMD, where they clearly stated that “I shoudl read reviews and watch Youtube videos before purchasing”, and I accepted the lack of the return policy when I hit the “order here” button.

I did my homework.

I am just trying to convey the message that they “should” introduce a policy like that

  1. when they offer a product that is very subjective for every user
  2. decide to remain being an online shop and have no local distribution network or correlation with shops
  3. want to be considered a serious company to deal with on the market in the same league as HTC, Valve, Oculus, etc.

Nothing else.

Would I like to get my money back? Sure. But that is not the point of my post.

Customers should be aware that this device is still in its infancy, so is the bulk of the operation. And Pimax should consider if pushing out a bunch of product before their current line of products and policies is really ready for competing with the market leaders, is a good idea.

Their website is not conveying the message that you are buying into being a beta customer when purchasing their product.


I wouldn’t lump HTC as a good example.

But as said you should have used a better distrobution channel. As a fellow canuck would prefe4 to buy a TV from Mfgr direct? Or pay a bit more for a bullet proof low hassle from Bestbuy?

Gearbest for example is on par with complete rip off if you receive an issue even a DOA.

If you went over reviews you knew software made this a beta product.

Hell pimax even promoted bad reviews on their own site. Lol


I guess it depends, do you play any games at all that require holding down the analogue stick as a button and moving it? I don’t (and would never, that is a HORRIBLE control scheme), so the Index controllers are perfect for me. They work great in every Oculus and SteamVR game I’ve played.


Sure, but we do not have a better distribution channel in CA. There is a US Amazon shop, which also charges a 15% restock fee.

Anyway. I am just disappointed that Pimax would find it ok that you cannot test their product, and have to purchase it with the risk that if you do not like it then you have to tough it out and kiss your investment good bye. Especially with a price tag like that.


I think Ive brought up eye strain three times here on this thread with the Vision, and once or twice where Sweviver replied to a couple of my other concerns but never acknowledged my concern about eye strain/IPD with the new Visions, so damn frustrating, look just tell me it hasnt been addressed or say you simply dont know at this point rather than just dodging the question.


Don’t disagree but this is where we need VR arcades with Pimax headsets &or backers willing to meet strangers.

At least the return fee is transparent on Amazon as it’s the Merchant fee credit services like Paypal & Stripepay charge merchant. Now if they could post this on main site that there passing this fee to consumers.

Maybe pimax will get big enough Bestbuy or Canada Computers might carry it.


Well tbh if he & Kevin not affected then they can’t answer it as it is beyond their ability.


Yes my concerns about original lens & adjustability seem to be getting ignored too.
Seems all the easy stuff is getting answered but some of the more important things are ignored.
Maybe that is an answer in itself.


I’m away for six months and come back to Pimax still doing this. I have to say I’m genuinely impressed they are able to keep messing up this badly for so long.


That is my hope. I would love to see their products all over the place.

I am convinced that they can, given some time for refinement, deliver the next level VR experience. They do much more than any of the big players at the moment.


Since everyone is using Car analogies.

Pimax is like if Tesla was a Chinese Startup and everyone is still stubbornly deciding to not go electric.