Let's talk about 'Pimax Day' here



:smiley: Chinese electric car != Tesla.


Pretty much this, I see Pimax has lots of potential and could be VERY big but they have to get some rather important things sorted out first.

It’s too bad when people point things out that need fixing, or adjusting or is just plain unprofessional looking or unacceptable and the like we take so much flak like as if we were hating or hoping for Pimax to fail when that is clearly not the case.


**DID THEY HONESTLY BELIEVE EYE TRACKING WOULD BE CHEAPER TO DEVELOP THEN WIRELESS ?**Just saying. They should have known just to say coupon as they did with the wireless. But they didn’t!
I do see the point on both sides. I too am upset with the news but would be willing to pay the 199 if it is “PROVED” to be beneficial. I hope they leave the offer open to backers for time to prove its worth the added expense. Maybe charge to activate the DFR and not the eye tracker itself. Or say you can have it free on Dec of 2022 but if you want it now pay the $199.
We all honestly want Pimax to succeed thats why we backed it. So if making the eye tracking free jeopardises the companies existences by all means they have to charge us for it. They could just adjust their price structure and take it a as a bad business decision. Raise the price on the the X maybe? its nearest competing company wants $5k and thats still a pipe dream. Wasn’t the X only supposed to be a kickstarter exclusive and never sold to the public? Include the eyetracking into the X and ramp up the price. I am glad I have the option for it though. Thanks pimax!
I also believe 7 should eat a portion of this as well, by at least giving pimax owners a deal on other products. They also signed on with pimax knowing the risks! They are to blame more then Pimax for the cost, in my book. Damb what would they do if pimax just walked away from them now?
I do believe pimax is keeping its backers in mind. Come on now, no other company in the world will willingly give the public “backers” the potential profits Pimax has given us. Pimax should definitely be more transparent with us but that may also make them more at risk to industry secrets they don’t want to release. I bet Pimax has the others shaking in their boots. They have cost the VR industry billions in profits by pushing the envelope for us. Luckily we wont be milked by the others for the next decade while they spoon feed us tech that Pimax is delivering now and in the near future. Pimax has earned its place in the VR history books and I hope they are around to deliver next generation devices for a long time. Damb I would back them again. Maybe simply put a box next to the eye tracking option to have it free to any amount of money you are willing to pay for it and see how many people put $200 or more! They had to know this was going to cause backlash. I’m more sorry for Kevin and Martin delivering the news then me paying the $199 (does that include shipping?).

Just putting down my rant! We are all only entitled to our options. We all have one and Pimax has opened this forum to hear them.

Overall I’m happy with being a backer its been an experience I will never forget. Thanks


I am confused.

I have backed PIMAX with a total of 1’715 dollars, for owning the 8KX full package (at the price of $699) and for keeping the 8k full package (at the price of $499). That amount of money would have included hence the stretch goals for both the 8k and the 8kX and also there were extra money for some add on.

What is going to happen now ? I am confused about the the stretch goals , the controllers, the base stations and the modules.

What am I now getting for that amount I have backed ?

Also, how would the exchange/upgrade work in my case since both units are 8k (8kX) ? If I am not mistaken there is also an upgrade deal for backers but how about in my case ?

I am backer # 1420


Yeah I will get index controllers through Pimax now . I don’t think we will see pimax controllers until the second half of next year . So well over 2 years late .


Im so glad that is an option even though i didnt back the controllers.

I mean honestly Pimax started from 0 with these controllers so I understand why they are taking a long time.

The last thing we want is an Ouya type controller that is total trash.


Your 8kX should be one of the first delivered, and you should receive it around the end of this year. If you have an 8k backed, you would be eligible for a discount on buying another 8kX, but that would only be worth it if you plan to resell it or have a spare.

As to the full packages, you are in a good place! You can convert one of them to Index controllers now (maybe even using a coupon or something to lower the cost), and keep the other to wait for the Sword Sense controllers to come out in 2020/21.

Hope that helps!


Curious about the prescription lenses. Im assuming i have to some how convince a company to install my prescription on them?


Yes, Pimax is providing a snap-in frame, to hold your own prescription lenses. There are companies who will do this for Vive and other headsets. I don’t know of any which handle glasses inserts for Pimax frames.


So basically it useless to have them if no company will do it.


Not necessarily. Those companies might be able to do it if you mail them your frame. Local optometrist shops might be able to do it. This doesn’t mean it’s worthless, just that it will probably take some effort to get the prescription lenses fitted.


You are correct, that was if you wanted to add the controllers as extras to you pledge i think.

The price of all of the full packages were exactly $300 more than the HMD alone packages

Thats where he’s getting $75 a piece for.

I would imagine that any money were paid extra for accessories and controllers according to that list you posted would also be able to applied to the upgrade.(Better be, as they are basically just holding on to our cash for those)


I’d like to believe it existed. I need to believe it.


Yes we don’t pay extra for the base stations .


I just finished watching the entire stream, but I haven’t read all the comments here. I have questions. @SweViver @PimaxUSA

Q1: Is there a quantity limit on the discount for eye-tracking modules and whatever other modules backers are getting discounts for? I would assume yes, since otherwise a backer could act as a re-seller and just buy a bunch.

Q2: If there is a quantity limit, can we get more than 1 discount depending on the number of headsets we backed? I backed 2 headsets under 1 Kickstarter account, and I would like 2 eye tracking modules (for example), I should get 2 of those on discount otherwise I could have made 2 Kickstarter accounts.

Overall, great job with the livestream. I am happy with the announcements, I don’t really care about the surprise costs just glad we are pushing the limits again and not getting leap frogged by other companies.

A bit of advice for Kevin, you need to work on your presentation style. You did better in the last few minutes of the video when you would actually look into the camera and hold yourself upright, but throughout you have shifty eyes and constantly looking down. Even when you say something positive it looks like you’re being dishonest. Take a look at sports casters or news casters how they stand straight, look at their partner in the eye and then back to the camera. Then compare it to your presentation and you will see the difference. This is constructive criticism. See the difference between you and Martin, he presents well, looks to the camera and back to you. You always have your head down so I assume you’re looking at notes or chat so if that’s important consider moving the screen behind the camera.


Erm - yes? At the time of the Kickstarter, there was an eye-tracking solution from 7invensum for Vive at $149, and a wireless adapter for Vive at $200. Sure, the Pmiax headsets would need wider FOV eye-tracking, but the wireless bandwith would also be higher than for Vive.

Edit: no, the wireless kit was actually $300 instead of $200.


I am not following, I’m afraid.

So you say that you have paid the deposit for Sword controllers, and choose to wait however long it takes for them to come out…?

…then, since you’ve already set your mind about the matter: What advice is it you seek, precisely?

(I don’t know whether the offer to trade one’s promise of Swords controllers later, for Index controllers now, is only for Kickstarter backers, or encompasses other preorders as well - @PimaxUSA ?)


You guys really need to clear up the controller ‘trade for index’ situation.
Many people have done the math and at most it should be a $79 difference.
Some have said that its been reported as free and others have said it was reported as $179.

Im of the opinion that with how much we are all getting screwed over on the eye tracking that this should be a free ‘trade’ and you eat the small amount of loss (only like half the people backing got controller packages, im sure not all will switch).

EDIT: Also instead of leaving your whole announcement up to one 2 hour livestream/YT video you guys really should make a proper forum post here with details written out and dot pointed. After all this time i don’t get how you guys haven’t learnt anything about communication yet.


I had a similar issue with Samsung Odyssey- at the end it was amazon that was willing to compensate for the minor defect I had. Sad but true - my support received from pimax was better then any of the other big companies… with a few exceptions.


Unlikely they will have any loss, most likely they will even have profits, even if it will be replaced free of charge. Buying/getting B2B deal from Valve on bulk (1000+) controllers purchase, will not be full retail price to Pimax. Most likely it will be well under $200.
Will be Great Deal for both of them!

And Pimax should not change us any additional fee for moving controllers around (as said by Kevin, Ref 28:55 in YT presentation). Lighthouses will be shipped directly from Valve, so they can add controllers in the same parcel, probably at the same shipping cost to them!

And only the few ones that Valve cannot ship (to some countries), should be shipped by Pimax.