Let's talk about 'Pimax Day' here



In addition, we should now pay for the eye tracking that we should get for free. $ 179 as an offer for the index controller. $ 100 is probably pimax in the bag … I think pimax is just trying to pull the money out of our pocket.


@PimaxUSA @SweViver This coupon for the controllers of 150$ + 50$ that you add. I bought only the controllers for 200$ + 10$ shipping so I assume that I get a coupon for 260$?


i preordered ;Order No [P125202] end of june 2019 ticket (#18417)
and Paid 300 usd.
so you offer index Controllers and the basestations, because delivery of pimax Sword/sense Controllers not before March 2020.
what is exactly now the Price for the index Controllers and basestations.
and what About shipping , customs and tax, because i live in Germany?
otherwise i am not anymore interested and want my Money back !
please clarify!


No custom or tax dont think any shipment cost, excacly what the price difrence will be is not out yet.


Does this mean I get a htc 2.0 base station for my 85$ deposit as backer? base_station


I think so. I’m in the same situation. However, I’m considering canceling the base station preorder (since I’ve already bought a version 1 BS) and applying the money towards an 8KX.


Hi there - I’ll keep that in mind next time and advice like that is great.

FYI in this case I had to keep an eye on the livestream chat to incorporate answers to things I was seeing as we progressed. Also we had a very large agenda list with time indexes that we had to stick to so we could try to get everything in within 90 minutes. So it was check the item vs. a stopwatch timer. I had the list with timestamps on the left and the live chat on the right of the screen.


May I ask please what will be the bottom line cost to full package backers if they switch to Index controllers? Will it be 79 or 179 and why?


$179 because that’s the price they set. (its the difference plus the various fees required to bring them in).


So Valve set the price, not Pimax you are saying. For us Canadian backers that’s 235.00 to switch, with a 2 month wait most likely or wait 6 months for nonsense controllers. Either way, a tough pill to swallow for Backers.


Can you explain why is it $179 again?
I backed 8K full package (and switch to 5k+). Pimax controllers was $200 a pair. Valve index controller is listed $279 a pair. Where is that extra $100 come from? Base stations are made by Valve regardless so there shouldn’t be any price differences between Pimax or Index version…


Apparently backers are absorbing the extra costs, 79 (difference) + 100 (various fees to ship them)


We did pay $10 for the shipping fee (10 for controller and 10 for base station). And now they want extra $100?


So, haven’t followed this discussion, but does this all mean that backers who want to switch from Sword to Index controllers are better off purchasing the latter directly from Valve themselves, if there is any hope they might be able to in full transmogrify their $200+shipping to a coupon for other Pimax products?


Hopefully you guys will post a detailed list of what coupons are applicable to what items.

For example is a $100 crack housing credit still being offered and can it be used in discounting newer headsets?
Will Pimax offer credit or coupon in lieu of receiving bas station(s) added during KS that people have since bought elsewhere because of delay?


I’m very disappointed about this. It rather feels like a cash grab from your backers, a lot of whom are just keen to start actually using the pimax system. Paying the $79 difference is one thing, but making them fork over another $100 is kind of rich. You already got my money from the Kickstarter. You seemed to imply on the live stream that bringing the controllers to market was more involved and complex than you had initially assumed. That’s not really a problem for the backers, it’s an underestimation on pimax part.

No doubt I’ll end up having to pay this, as frankly the headset has been sitting in a box unused since I received it, but it’s certainly going to leave a very bad taste in my mouth and make me very unlikely to recommend Pimax to any of my co-workers. — and I work in a building of 300 plus engineers in Silicon Valley. That’s a lot of potential Pimax customers


How do we change our order (controllers) into index controllers? If Pimax don’t do it soon it will be impossible to have our controllers and base stations in 4 weeks. I think no one wants more delays. It isn’t nice to have preorder in Pimax web if they are not ready (controllers). Thanks.


Zero company.
I will never deal with Pimax again, either as a customer or as a dev.
I hope I get the stuff I paid for before my biological death, but who cares…


The Pimax controllers were $200 a pair + 20 shipping so now you are saying backers of the controllers need to pay a total of $399 ($220 already given to pimax and an additional $179)???


Yes…that is exactly what they are saying. That or wait at least another six months for the mythical sword and sword sense controllers that may or may not even be ready at that time.

I’m really hoping pimax does the right thing here for the backers and eat the cost, or in the very least this extra $100 for so-called “fees”