Let's talk about 'Pimax Day' here



That’s $120 over the cost of a backer just buying them directly from valve. WTF is going on?


It’s a money grab by Pimax plain and simple! 179$ is a joke we already paid 200$ plus shipping on the Kickstarter project for the Pimax controllers.
Same goes for the headstrap which now is suddenly a 2 piece object and in order to get the full headstrap we need to pay another 50$. The detachable earphones are also gone.

Eyetracking another 199$ which should be free as per Kickstarter TOS.
Wireless modul and coupon is at least 1 year away…


This is quite exasperating. Amazing actually. Where has the money gone?


When the controllers will be delayed again, at least they can say “well, you had a choice”


The money has probably gone into subsidizing the Base Stations. They still cost 300 and I doubt Pimax makes anything off it. The Base stations was below 300 during the Kickstarter phase because Pimax thought the prices would be lowered.


Best I can do is continually lobby for more favorable terms and I’ll continue to do that.


But since Pimax is a close friend of Valve, I think they got some kind of bulk deal, not consumer price.
Kevin, are you paying Valve the same price for the controllers + bases as a normal customer?


We know they have a better deal, but it would almost definitely involve never specifying what the deal was, exactly. :slight_smile:


It doesn’t hurt asking :wink:


This has to be done without us backers there would be no Pimax headset at all.
no 5K+, no 8K, no 5K XR, 8K+, 8KX, 5K+RE, 8K+ RE, 8KX RE i hope you get what i mean.

I will no longer accept the current decisions by Pimax because now your are going after our pockets, and you can’t disrespect us backers like that.


They either completely miscalculated costs, or got screwed over by Valve over pricing.

Nonetheless, they did commit to several things during the Kickstarter, which one could argue they’re legally bound to deliver.

They got an awful lot of money from an awful lot of people. Had they gone into this stating it would be BYO for the lighthouse and controllers, I don’t think they would have met their target or in the very least hit the kind of numbers they did.

I think that if they want to maintain the goodwill of backers like me, they should consider doing the right thing. It might cost them upfront, but can only help if there are more Pimax backers evangelizing the product.

As I stated before. I’m going to reluctantly hand over the money because I want to actually start using something that has been gathering dust since early this year, but rest assured, I won’t be recommending Pimax to anyone in my sphere of influence.


Actually i wanted to invest more into Pimax if and when a new product line shows up but with the current decisions they lost me here. They are basically asking for another 428$ for stuff that should be free or at least in case of the controllers calculated correctly.

If i now want to get the 8K+ thats 999$ + 428$ and that is now definitely not going to happen.
Sure i got a voucher of 100$ because i switched from 8K to 5K+ but that 100$ voucher is not free it is my money that i actually spend during the Kickstarter. Money that now is lost.


That’s right I forgot that we PAID for the more expensive 8K and when we went “down” to the cheaper 5k+ (at the suggestion of pimax). The $100 “coupon” was for the difference in price of the 8k vs 5k+. So its not really a “discount” its what we already paid them.
If you do not use it you loose the $100. This whole thing stinks!


Yup if they would have shown the 5K+ during Kickstarter i would have simply spend 100$ less. But they deceided to devalue the 8k with the release of the 5k+ so the decision to switch now costs me a 100$.

Spending my 100$ voucher on things that should be free is not going to happen thats my money.


Just read on RoadToVR Sword Sense for backers are actually delayed until at least May and not March 2020, so they are at least 8 month away from the next excuse :roll_eyes:

Controller Upgrade Program

Since Pimax’s in-house developed Sword Controllers are officially delayed until March 1st, 2020, and Sword Sense until May 1st, 2020, the company is offering one of two options to pre-order customers.

  • Option 1 : Receive Valve Index controllers instead, pay the difference plus a small fee. Lead time is 6 weeks to ship. Controllers and Base Stations bundle also translates to a bundle.
  • Option 2 : Apply the money backers paid for the Sword controllers (Up to $200 per set) and we will add an additional $50 (up to $250) applied to an 8K+ or 8KX headset.



Basically they want you do buy the new headset and buy the index controllers directly from valve.
Also the pimax controllers where 200 a pair + 10 shipping?

Makes sense for them (not backers) because the HMD’s probably have some good margin on them and will probably come down in price once all these backer “discounts” are mostly gone


Looks like it. The Pimax controllers seem to be shelved while they in the meantime (including the 5K) developed 9 different headsets. Let’s talk about priorities.


With TV shows they often use off camera large screens to read off.


So costs more than getting from Valve. :beers::sunglasses::+1::sparkles:


9 weeks min as can’t request til 3rd week of Oct & PimaxUSA said Valve has. 6wk before shippin.