Let's talk about 'Pimax Day' here



Indeed as said they seem to be adding cost for LHes as a pack from Valve.


Which translates better to Receive LHes at no extra costs & either Wait for July 2020(for product or new delay). & maybe convert Controllers at $200? + $50 towards new Hmd or other credit.

If waiting or just needed Buy Index Direct from Valve (even if have to use a FF).



No an additional $179.


Agreed. Valve Index Controllers for Almost $400/pair ($200 KS + $20 shipping) vs $289/pair from Valve.


Buy from Valve it’s a $120US cheaper & Warrenty likely easier.


Easy RMA costs due to quality issues. Some are still waiting on reimburstment on shipping RMAs.


I haven’t made a decision yet. But I do know will get My 4vLHes from pimax.

I might wait to see if Pimax releases controllers or apply a $500 credit towards either an 8k+ or 8kX.

Either way not taking Index Controller hike switch.


Something seem’s sketchy here. the math is not adding up. Like I said, this very much looks like a simple cash grab from Pimax designed to get yet more money from backers that just want to be able to use what they already paid for. Don’t want to pay? fine, wait another year when we may … or may not … have something for you… can you even imagine waiting until next summer only to be told that they’re not releasing controllers after all and to go and buy the valve ones ??

Pimax - Please, Please, Please … just do the right thing and do right by the people who made all this possible … the backers …


Yep EyeTracking, Controllers & as pointed out we may need to purchase extra item to use Pimax MAS?

I’d rec getting LHes at no extra cost & maybe one of following:

    1. Wait for controllers (buy v2.0 accesory ie Tracking Pucks2.0/Vive Wands 2.0/Index Controllers - through Valve).
    1. Convert Controllers into Credit towards 8k+/8kX or other items. Buy Controllers from HTC or Index.
    1. Wait & hope Pimax fixes Index swap to something fair & take deal.


1 - I don’t have faith that these controllers will see the light of day … they’re now saying the Sword Sense is almost a year away … why so long?

2 - I’m not in the habit of throwing good money after bad

3 - Pimax eat the $100 “fee” and give me the controllers for the true cost difference between what I paid and what Valve sell the controllers for - or better still – just eat 100% of the cost, and get some serious goodwill in return


279$ even is the US Valve store price for customers and i bet if Pimax oders 1000 sets or so bulk they get a nice special deal which is more around 200$.

@PimaxUSA said something that Valve set the price.

How is that to be understood how can Valve set a price of 179$ on top of our 200$ we paid on Kickstarter for a thing that only costs 279$ at their own store?

Would laugh if the 179$ is the bulk price Valve is asking Pimax for a set of controllers and Pimax simply deceided let’s just make the backers to pay for that again.


Well considering the Eyetracking hike you could use controller credit to get the over engineered now non free eyetracker.

But yeah the base deal; definitely looks like a cash grab to recoup losses due to poor planning/quality & RMAs.


This whole index trade-in is starting to seem very sketchy to me … the math just is not adding up … @PimaxUSA - How can you justify the $179 uplift on top of the $200 I’ve already paid for controllers for a product that costs $279 msrp – we’re paying $100 extra … for what exactly?


Gotta payback your investors somehow.


Thank you for the reply! Do we need to pay the difference for the kinuckle’s controllers ?


Yes, to switch from [waiting for Sword Sense] to [purchase Index “knuckles”] costs $179, a price which may be eligible for reduction by select, unannounced coupons.


Don’t reccommend paying pimax around $400 for index controllers. (Costs a backer +$179US extra to switch) buy from Valve cheaper.

If not wanting to wait on pimax. Get credit. I believe controller credit is $250.


And they often have an earpiece with someone giving them cues off screen, such as keeping track of time, reminding them of any missed points, and curating questions from chat then relaying them as needed.


Hi! So it costs more to get the knuckle’s through pimax despite we backed for controllers? :frowning:

In theory I should be eligible for 2 sets of controllers, since I backed both the 8k and hte 8kX. Am I correct ?

If that is the case, the idea was to get both. A pair of pimax controllers and a pair of index to use to hack with arduino


But overall it would cost 179 dollars + the money lost for not getting the pimax controller