Let's talk about 'Pimax Day' here



As long as both headsets were full sets then yes.

& yes pimax is selling their index switch higher than buying controllers from Valve.

Better to buy index controllers off Valve & get $200 +$50 credit toward other pimax things.

Ie now want backers to pay $199 for Free Eyetracking stretch goal.


Personally I dont mind complaining til we reach an agreement and get some compensation in another way. I doubt pimax wants to front the cost of eyetracking.


Thank you for the advice!!


Is the Pimax Vison Kit free for the Kickstarter Backers?


No, it is $50, unless you backed the 8KX I think.


But during the Campaign they told its free?


You will get with a face cushion with the MAS just not the vision kit.


Okay, will they also ship the Cooling Fan with the Modular Audio Strap?


As i understod it everyone that ask for the cooling fans will get them shiped for free, if it will be at the same time as MAS i dont know.


Yes we should get 120hz, even with Large FOV:
One display with 2560x1440p needs 13.27Gbps while running at 120hz, while DP 1.4 offers 29Gbps, you can run 2 Displays at 120hz.
Here is my Math:


Thanks! I already heard that the prescription lenses are also shipped after you ask.
But where do i have to ask?


The website pages for this will be launched in the third week of October, they said.


Is there an update of when backers will start receiving the accessories promised in the KickStarter campaign?


@pimax @PimaxUSA @Matthew.Xu @anon23564932 @SweViver obviously the bandwidth is possible for full fov 120hz! As @eight.one said. (Reposting eight.one’s image so I could ping you guys to see this.

You may say “what games could even take advantage of this?”.
I will say Pavlov. Or any number of the less intensive vr titles that are still awesome. I GUARANTEE I get skyrim vr running perfectly smooth on a 1080ti at full fov @120.

The point is, people should at least have the option here.


While you filled in the calculator in a strange way, you seem to get to the right value :smiley:. Just a small correction, DP 1.4 should offer 32.40 Gbps uncompressed bitrate (or 25.92 Gbps datarate). Since you corrected you calculation for the raw bitrate, you are comparing it to 32.40 figure. (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/DisplayPort).


I’m afraid you’re not accounting for the implementation. Theoretical bandwidth is good but in practice speed is limited by implementation of hardware components (videocard, cable, helmet chip, etc). 2x13.5 = 27Gbps is quite close to the theoretical limit so they might be hitting roof with the hardware capabilities.


This is before considering any methods of shaving off additional bandwidth.


Or even pepper’s-ghost-ed right in front of the camera. :7


That isn’t the comfort kit, the CK includes new headset parts including the cowling, a completely different pad and a nose guard.

The extra face foam will be included in the box with the MAS when we ship them in December.


Well, thanks for clarifying.