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Will it be “new” type face foam compatible with CK or “old” type face foam?


It’s actually the new version (better material, mentioned in an update) of the old foam shape that is included in the box as the CK foam cannot fit the old cowling.


Thank you, Kevin!
Do you know if old foam shape is compartible with the CK kit?


It isn’t, new CK needs the new foam, old cowling requires the original shape.


So if i order Confert Kit it will not work until i get MAS?


100$ is NO SMALL fee…


It’s actually $179. An even less smaller fee. :wink:


Was just writing the same.


And still no straight answer from @PimaxUSA about what this so called “fee” is for? I’m calling shenanigans on this.


I would have swallowed that bitter pill to pay the difference + an actual small fee. If they take the reasonable difference of 79 + let’s say 30 (for whatever), but 100$ fee?? ctfo…


Because he knows this is stupid. But at least he has the time to call us outraged mob…, but no anwers to our questions… that tells alot. As a representative of Pimax i would expect a bit of different behavior of him but hey it’s not my image.


Hi Kevin! Thanks for all the explanations and patience explaining the details!

I am definitely interested in the 8KX, but I have one question though… currently I have two pledges from KS, one 5K+ with controllers+bases and one 8K… so…

Can I combine the discounts of my two pledges for my 8KX? I don’t plan to buy two separate headsets, only the 8KX.

I hope you can help me with this.

Thanks a lot in advance Kevin!


Yes, $30 is reasonable, $100 feels like a ca$h grab.


No answer means probably there will be no fee! With all this latest additional charges, free/not free stuff, they already “shot themselves in the foot” few times, the last thing they need now is “shoot themselves in the head”


Found the optimist :rofl:


I think part of the 179$ goes to shipping tariff toll fees and such. Outside U.S. That is.
But, no still it feels like robbery. :innocent:


As example, the shipping from US to Russia for 1-2 kg costs about $25-40.
Anyway all backers have paid all shipping fees through the Kickstarter.


Awesome to see project updates! Cool we are given options but alot of promises that still need to be fulfilled. Find it weird to opt out for knuckles but kind to offer. My main problem is pimax feels like it isn’t a finished product and still developing many products. Why not wait till finished and have what feels more like a complete finished package and then offer up discounting and stuff. Just feels hard to take when its shown awesome stuff but the organization and time lines are all over place then offering more options on-top of ones currently in development for additional payments.


Guys. What is the price Upgrade Program:
I paid 300$ deposit for what? I’d like to know for what I have to pay again.
I’m waiting for Base Stations but what next with controllers?

  1. Sword/ Sword Sense -> Index controllers

  2. Sword/ Sword Sense & Base Stations -> Index controllers + Base Stations


basically Pimax will ship to countries that Valve won’t, so for anyone in a Valve supported country its an awful deal, and for non-Valve supported countries they are basically buying the Valve controllers at retail and shipping/handling them for $100 fee

its another “backer tax” solution to make up for the fact that they grossly over promised on their kickstarter