Let's talk about 'Pimax Day' here



I’ve just blown a chunk of my 8k x upgrade fund on a oculus quest!! The graphics aren’t great and neither is the sound but you know what I’m having a complete giggle!! My wife and daughter are using it more than any other Hmd I’ve ever owned and I’m far less precious about it. I know this isn’t pimax related so I apologise in advance.


Thinking about getting one myself , like they said in the presentation , just put it on and your good to go , no booting up the pc waiting for windows updates to stop hogging the resources and rebooting only to find that something else like pitools or steam needs restarting


I highly recommend the quest it’s far better than I imagined. Spec wise it’s not much but it work and well. The simplicity is key it literally takes a couple of mins to set up the boundaries and your off then it’s seconds 2nd time around.


I was watching this for a while without saying much to it, and I assume many more do so but cba to jump in there: All this talk about so-called bad communication…

…HTC doesn’t talk to customers at all. Samsung? What’s the next headset? Valve - mostly silence. We still don’t know where HL3 is! Oculus? Talks once or twice per year, usually via the OC.

And for Customer Service / Support Encounters - Samsung don’t even move, HTC takes money for repairs and holds RMAs hostage, Valve tried to suppress the Index Controller release debacle. They all offer no unmoderated free-speech platform you can criticize them on or talk with them. Oculus is the only company that could compare to Pimax’ CS.

Pimax CS was quicker, and way more trusting to the customer. They have Reps talking to the community, they publish updates for the backers, mostly via KS. I don’t get what you guys want more. Their CAD files to play around with? What process models they use in their SCM? Get back to reality.

Sorry, just a spark of honesty. Someone had to say it. :metal::wink:


The fee structure is obviously to push all things towards the 8k+ and X. Where they will make the greatest profits. No other explanations needed.:cyclone::cyclone:they want us to take the bait. Make the 5K+ look like the best deal then sell us on a an 8K+ or X. More headsets out the door. :jigsaw:solved.


If they make the backer discount attractive I may throw more money their way. There is no way I will drop $1300. I’ll take my 5K+ and my MAS and call it good. Thanks for the entertainment!


I did seriously consider Xtal, and went to Prague earlier this year to try it out.

But now I might wait for Pimax 8K X RE.

Very pleased that the Pimax 8K X will be so cheap. Even the RE could be a third of the price. If they can improve the lenses and distortion it could be a serious Xtal competitor.


if pimax added rgb oled panels then it was a day one buy for me,
but for now isnt i think…


Then wait it will by along the road, but with a higher price tag easily 400$-500$++ and maybe with no backer rebate available


I thought Pimax day would bring clarity about what I wanted to upgrade, but of course that was not the case. I’m a pre-orderer so I get nothing for free. I just wanted to end up getting full use of the 5k+.

So, before the event I thought:

  1. Get the date of the comfort stuff - if it’s too far away, then go 3rd party
  2. Get the date of the Sword Sense controllers + BS - if they’re too far away, get the Index ones

After the event:

  1. As the MAS + Comfort Kit cost $170, maybe I could get the 8K-X instead which includes them, and sell the 5k+

However I’m not convinced of this route, because I suspect with current GPUs, the 8K-X quality will be at best the same, or perhaps actually worse, than the 5k+ to keep performance acceptable. The 5k+ already doesn’t perform well in Elite with a 2080 Ti.
Spending all the money to end up with a worse experience doesn’t make sense. I’ll hold off on final judgement until I see benchmarks, but it will be some kind of miracle if the 8K-X performs and looks better than the 5k+ in real world conditions with a 2080 Ti. Of course, it’s a great spec on paper so I’d love to be wrong…

Otherwise, if as I read and Lilo also said here, 1st gen 7nm GPUs supporting DP 2.0 are a year away, then who knows what new headsets will come by then. 10K-X? 16K-X? Even just an 8K-X v2 that supports SLI?

  1. I’m 100% that SS + BS is no longer worth the wait, I put controller games on hold for months already. But while we have been offered the Index upgrade path, that doesn’t make any sense. Now I’m thinking I could ask for the £300 deposit to go towards the MAS + CK instead, and buy the Index controllers from Valve. I’ll abandon buying new BS altogether and carry on with a single SH one.

I guess I won’t directly get the rest of the money back from the deposit, but I could use it for a future headset if I decide against getting the 8K-X.


The 8kX tbh a should do okay. As @sweviver said vs the og 8k. The og 8k & 5k+ perform similar.

The 8kX having togglable scaler should perform similar to the 5k in ED but the upscaling will look generally better.


Don’ worry about performance too much. Rendering resolution of 5K+ at SS 100% with normal FoV is already about 3200*2600, which is about 4K.
If you think that is too demanding, you can lower rendering resolution. 4K RGB LCD will do the job.


OK I hope so. Let’s see when the benchmarks arrive.

Visual quality of 5k+ vs 8K-X in upscale mode will be interesting to compare.

The problem with overall performance is still the use of PP.

I’m using i9900k + 2080 Ti, and Elite with PiTool 129 1.0 + SS 1.0 and Steam Auto, and various tweaks like AA off is just managing 45FPS in space, and <40FPS in stations and planet surfaces.


Hmm is it what you are looking for?
SS 100% for all of them.
8KX with upscaling mode will be same as 8K+.


Yes thanks, should have looked back at Sweviver’s posts sorry :wink:

Good point that the upscale will be the same as the 8k+. Clear 1-2-3 order of clarity here, and indeed the 8k+ does improve on the 5k+.

So providing what we’re seeing above could be delivered on the same hardware at roughly the same FPS, that would be very encouraging.

Also I can really only spot SDE on the 5k+. There is some detectable patterning on the grey areas in between the dials on the 8k+, and virtually none on the 8K-X. You can now even see the very fine bumps on the panelling, and the ‘crosses’ of the Phillips screws, which is impressive :+1:


I think you should consider changing your settings. I have an 8K, i7 8700K, and an RTX 2080. In ED, I get 70-80 fps in space and 50-60 fps in stations.

In the past, I used higher visual settings and would set the in-game HMD SS at 0.75 to quickly get an fps boost on planet surfaces.


OK I might have to revisit Dr Kaii’s profiler. I believe I’ve used settings based on posts here and the Frontier forum.

Not in front of my main PC to double check atm. To avoid cluttering up this page about Elite, if you don’t mind perhaps I can ping you a msg later if I can’t spot the problem thanks :+1:


Sure. You also might want to run UserBenchmark to verify there’s not an unexpected bottleneck. Search these forums for a discussion and link.


Thanks much appreciated. I’ll run more benchmarks. Performance is screaming in everything except sim games with the Pimax. I dialled back PiTool to 1.0 over time to counteract perceived loss of performance, will need recheck PiTool install and SteamVR for any oddities


I assumed it was PP causing the hit on Elite :thinking: