Let's talk about 'Pimax Day' here



PP does cause a framerate hit. I set SteamVR on Auto and the ED app to 120%. My 2080 is factory-overclocked, so it’s probably comparable to a 2080 Super.


Without doubt, but if you’re getting still getting those performance numbers with PP then I need to revisit my Elite config…


We can request it, 8KX OLED.


yes but it needs to be rgb oled… then i would buy one for sure…
And i think more people will even if its more expensive


Yes, 4K RGB and even Oled - that would be powerful :star_struck:
But, we waited in Pimax 8K for at least lcd rgb 4K.
But for some reason we got only a PenTile

By the way, I still can’t understand where the LCD PenTile came from? It seems to be always the prerogative of Oled.
I wonder where they found such strange panels? :thinking:


In the Depths of hell.


No new OLED HMD :confused: ?


yea we need the colors and blacks!It adds so much more immersion!
So please RGB OLED

If you fly at night to an airfield in VR in a pitchblack night and you see the lights in the distance from a airfield,its gonne be magic with the wide field off view.
It adds so much more…


the best guess we could make so far was this
BOE LTK057B4K 05

edit: btw. there are new panels in the firmware of pitool since 4/2019 (beside the old 8k panel b8x)


I found one demoed in 2015 4k oled 5-5.5" 732ppi no other specs. Was targeting potential for VR. But nothing on it since.

732ppi should be good even if has a PenTile(Samsung ™) like sub pixel pattern.


I get 45fps in stations and 70-80 in space in Elite. This is with SVR at 110%, PiTool at 1.0, Normal FOV, in game SS 0.65 and in game HMD quality 1.25. Most other settings at High. GPU usage is 88-95% with no other apps running. It’s kinda the sweet spot IMHO. 2080Ti and i7 8700k delidded.

PP being needed hits like a mofo. I think 20-30%?

Nvidia’s new cards are not out til 2020, right?

One thing - I was stupidly running the Pimax at 72Hz and it felt awful. I then changed it back to 90Hz after noticing and even 45fps feels good


I hope the Pimax Controllers Upgrade Path still stays as an optional, even after the release of the controllers.

I’m not sure if this upgrade is Global but if it is. I think it be better to have that there, since not all people are able to buy the Index Controllers over at their website.

But it be a good idea to have it for everyone to get it from you.

At least Warranty will be covered also.


This looks like overly complicated setup, so I wonder, do you have any particular reason for using in game SS and HMD quality together in a contradicting way (i.e. one for downsampling and the other for upsampling)?

Technically, using in game SS for VR does not make sense, because in game SS is supposed to “underrender” or “overrender” the image and then have the image resampled to the output resolution (of your monitor). In VR the output res does not really matter since the resampling is done in the compositor which accepts any resolution and outputs the image in the resolution of the panels.

Which means for VR you only want to change HMD quality, which does the same “under” or “over” rendering, but does not resample the image at the end.

Also, using all the different multipliers you use, you are actually using this global supersampling factor:

0.65^2 * 1.25^2 * 1.1 = 0.726171875

so technically, if you leave everything at 1.0 and change only SteamVR SS to 0.726, you should get the same image precision at the end, without running in game SS or HMD quality oversampling at all.

8K X vs HP Reverb - Just a teaser :)

when can i preorder the pimax 8kx
please tell me when?


We may know more on 3rd week of October. Last info maybe sometime Dec?


I’m very tempted to order 8KX as soon as it’ll be available, but the logic tells me to wait until some of KS 8KX backers will receive their headsets so we’ll see more information about 8KX from a wider user base.

That is if Pimax will keep KS backer discount for 8KX for longer than these few months (that I’m not sure about too…)

Pimax shot itself so many times during last year, that I do not consider the reliability of the 8KX at the start of the production to be very high.

As a 8K KS backer, I can survive for a few months without 8KX, and I’d rather hear about it from 400 people than from 2 - 3.


But… if you’re sending your 5k/8k loaner back and getting the 8kx as an 8kx backer, if I’m understanding correctly, you won’t have the “original cowling” anymore to go back to…


The poster specifically said he has a backed 8k not an 8kx. He will not be returning his headset as it isn’t a loaner. My response to his question was the cowlings are interchangeable. If you are an 8kX backer you will receive the comfort kit and a mas.


Is it me or does the 8 k panel introduce a dimple pattern almost like the pixels in a distinct pattern look elevated above the surrounding area? What could it be?

A miniture red dot effect.


So 8kx backers get the comfort mod for free (presumably because it’s going to be standard) and all other backers get charged extra for an actual enjoyable comfort since face and nose area were far from perfect?
Just asking if I got this right.
I have pledged for 2 extra face cushions (+stretch goal) which are rendered useless for various reasons.
I understand the comfort mod uses different cushions? And I did not get any by now anyways.
Is there at least a way to include them coupon-wise (in order to discount the comfort mod itself)
or transfer them into comfort mod matching facepads?