Let's talk about 'Pimax Day' here



Are the bumps on the panelling texture or inherited by the screen. I can see the same pattern in the solid color inside the dials.

Overall looks impressive. Can read things that are fussy blobs on the 5K+


On sale I would guess?:money_mouth_face:


Haha that makes total sense yeah. Fair. I’ll go for your setup. I think basically I was upping and downing values until I found something I liked. Appreciate the advice about the “under” “over” haha :slight_smile:


If it works for you you may want to keep it. I have found times while trying to improve things I’ve made them worse! :sweat_smile:


Pretty sure it was part of the texture, the metal panelling of the plane dash - but you’re right, I can just see them in the light blue area in the dial as well. Not sure if that is intentional or not!

The bumps can just be seen on the 8k+ too, but no chance at all on the 5k+.


I’m sure those who ordered extra face cushions for the X we will just include the CK version in that instance. If you buy the CK kit and have an outstanding order for extra face foams we can do the same thing and just swap them for the right size.


The real question do we receive the face gasket foam & nose curtain from KS update as projected?


And the og cowling? As some might prefer it over the comfort kit version.


What do those us us who backed more than 1 headset on 1 KS account get as far as coupons and stretch goals go? I can’t be the only fool who did this.


That’s true. Some people will might prefer a smaller surface contact area.


That should be simple - if you pledged the amount of two pledges, then you will get the benefits of both, i.e. one set of stretch-goals for each of them - so if you paid for two pledges you will get two sets of stretchgoals.

It is just the Kickstarter webpage which only allows you to pledge once per account, hence why many projects tell you to simply ramp up the value accordingly if you wish to pledge for more than one item. Pimax told us the so too, and a number of others do the same.


@PimaxUSA Would it maybe be possible to add a small hole to the top middle of the new foam pads? For the eye tracking, it’d be nice to have a small hole to feed the cables through to the USB-C port instead of just squishing them in between the foam pad and headset.


I noticed that as well but I’m not sure if it is the panel or maybe a texture that doesn’t get picked up by the lower res panels. I’d like to see a picture of another uniform surface.


I did look at Sweviver’s other photos and didnt see it. Could be the magnification or the texture. Either way I doubt you can see it while in the headsets. Unfortunately it has me interested.


I am backer 5XX and have a question for anybody that can answer it I looked through this page and didn’t see it or maybe overlooked it so if it has been answered before I do apologize Also I am going off of the kick starter page which they have in black-and-white the prices of everything
During the kick starter I have pledged a total of $1300 early bird 8k full package =$749
Controllers x2 =$200 +$10 shipping
Base stations x2 =$150 +$10 shipping
10m Cable =$60 +$10 shipping
Hand motion =$100 +$10 shipping
So my question is
#1 in the pimax day video they said the controllers are $150 and they would add $50 credit to it So are the controllers 150 or 200 and if they are 200 are they still going to add $50 credit to it
#2 now that I am not interested in any of the add-ons am I able to push all of that towards the new 8KX hmd
Thanks in advance


Sure it’s not the same sort of pattern/problem that the 5K+ screens have?


@PimaxUSA is the man who can answer Your questions… :wink:


Have this been replied to yet? Will this promise of a free MAS to pre-orders and backers be honored?



Can anyone tell me when we should be seeing the page where the upgrade discounts will be on and when they’re officially taking orders for the new headsets?


We were told third week of october, so likely 7-11 days from now.