Let's talk about 'Pimax Day' here



Thanks you bud! @Skerper


“By the end of this live stream you will be able to do that math”

I kinda got let down when that didn’t transpire. Guess we will have to wait for the next live stream to calculate the possibilities.


Well some engineers have difficulty with double checking their Math.

Why those whom Graduate structural engineering get a ring to remind them to double check figures. The Rings are made from a bridge that collasped due to engineer error.


Of course, we will keep our promise.


That is really awesome. As a software developer I need a reminder like that too sometimes.


Of course you keep your promise???

What about the promise of eye tracking? Is that promise an of course too?


It will be interesting to see the outcome of their offers.:laughing::+1:


Will EyeTracking work with GTX 980?
@Matthew.Xu @SweViver


forget about a gtx 980 . If you playing with a pimax you need atleast a rtx 2080 super or ti . Look how asgarth wraith runs lol


Nah don’t need to waste money on RTX. Plus Voodoodx & Seb demmonstrated 1660 works & lets not forget the 400+ games SweViver tested on a 1070


It all depends on your financial situation and how much “sting” an investment in a video card is to you. I can confirm if you have the $ the 2080ti is by far the best card we have tested.

As for the best bang for the buck the 2070 Super can be had for $499 and maybe even less around black Friday. The 2070 Super can handle most tasks and even hit close to 60fps in most 4k games. It supports FFR which is evolving considerably so the card has some upside over time. The version of DP on the 2070 supports DSC so there is some upside there too.

A small note on the 980 - it isn’t DP 1.4 so the baseline bandwidth through the interface is lower. For eye tracking to work on that card we would have to largely implement it without Nvidia driver support which means on a 980 you shouldn’t expect a number of features to be available.


I’m sure you’d agreed though if one can hold out til next year card prices are likely to drop with PCIX v4.0 &\or v5.0 being more in place & either newer revisions of cards or models supporting new xpress version.

But yes does depend on financials & deal days.


Actually there is a chance they will continue to increase due to the tariffs and the move to factories outside of china. If some sort of deal isn’t struck in the next week or so prices will increase considerably once inventory runs out. 30% is a big jump.


True there is the increasing US pressure against companies dealing with Chinese based companies. This could affect Iphone prices & availability of official Arm processors & other componets in chinese made devices.

Do you know if off hand PciX is upgradable via Firmware?

And with Nvidia Firmware tool recall some users were able to use on GtX 9series. Is that just dp1.3 features?


My GTX 980 works fine with my Pimax 8k as long as I don’t push the settings too much. I’m using a laptop so I can’t upgrade the GPU.

Please issue a clear statement on what will work and be supported and what won’t. Since the Eye tracking is not free anymore I don’t want to waste my money on something that don’t work.


Are you guys hyped for Pimax Day 2? we’re hitting Week 3 in 2+ days. Yay or Nay?


The scaler is integrated in the new bridge chip no additional coast here


Hopefully firmware update soon.


Really sucks that this 30% increase only serves to hurt consumers.


Less than 24hrs til the 3rd Week of October. Question is will there be another delay.