Light-field display for vr



Light-field display vr instead of stereoscopy.
I heard a few display companys develop light-field displays: JDI and Samsung.

#2 for a recipe on how to build one. I have one light field camera (obsolete Lytro) and one 3D display (Looking Glass).

It’s definitely cool tech, and a neat collection of links, but I’m wondering what the message was? Within headsets, light field tech does not replace stereoscopy; it enables accomodation. Unfortunately it is still somewhat impractical in both rendering technique and sheer data rate.

In media it has a far more powerful role; check out e.g. Google’s “welcome to light fields”, 8i demos, etc. Light field photos and video permit correct perspective rendering for a user’s IPD and position, unlike stereoscopic material.


Lightfields are absolutely the future. But they have to fix fundamental issues with them. Optimizations heavily needed, the fov sucks, I’m sure the refresh rate sucks especially compared the the valve index 144hz. I’d rather take eye tracking to provide fake accommodation for now.