Light Houses - question still not answered


$57 USD

Get em while they are hot


Flight sims base stations are not vital. Many of us 4k users have used sims without positional tracking.


You need two base stations, one isn’t enough. Pimax experimented with just one once, and got it kinda working, but they made it clear that was a single experiment.


It is for flight sims


No, SteamVR will not allow you to do its setup with only one lighthouse. It requires two of them, one isn’t enough.


Well, have any of you guys seen the FAQ? Pimax 5K+/8K FAQ (updating)

In it, Xunshu says that the first shipping of the basestations should be in October… :slight_smile:


You left off the word “Estimated”…


Thanks for finding that lets hope that is still the case.


Will have to wait & see if pimax has a workaround. But yes in steam atm need 2. After 1 okay


if you play DCS and want to read certain instrument clusters on certain aircraft (we don’t know how good that will be in the Pimaxs yet though) you may have to lean forward to see them. We always have zoom. Although that will break the immersion somewhat.
In sim racers I lean all over in the car and a base station would be much preferred. but I am so far down the list Valve knuckles will probably be here. The Vive Pro already has the stations so they can’t be too far off.


Right with you.
When you have used 6 DoF like you and I have for many years you want to keep it as fluid as you can.

As pilot I want to practice approaches as I can in real life.


Well then the dilema biy v1 basestations til pimax is ready. Or live with a minor inconvenience.


I never said it was a dilemma. I was only pointing out there is a use in sims for leaning in and in DCS (and other sims) a workaround.
Live with it is all one can do unless they like to burn money.
ATM buying what would be for a Rift owner 2 v1base stations just to set up in Steam would be around $600 Canadian. Also most Rift owners would have ordered at least 1 v2 base given the KS said 1 for 360 tracking which also would not be compatible with v2 so even greater waste of money.
So there is no “or”.


@D3Pixel posted some used? Ones fot $57 but yeah agree on not really spending on it needlessly. Lol


You wont need to proceed with steam setup. Pimax software will do that and it might work without basestations or with 1 or 2 as well.


I always talk with nolo vr, may nolo vr still can’t be support pimax 8k.

I am thinking that if base station is shipped on October and knuckle is released before, they will be compatible or not. I think it should be supported because use valve technology. But not sure about piTool.


I think the best option will be to buy used Vive unit and then sell it when Pimax tracking arrives.

Problem is in Vive. They are little late with Lighthouse 2.0. So they will sell license only after the release


@xunshu one question about this.

My main usage for VR is for sims in sitting position no need for contr4olers because using Wheel or HOTAS.
Is it possible to use just one base station for positional tracking?
I’m asking this more in a sense what I need for that. Is it all I need for that buying just one Base from Vive store, 150€, or do I need something else as well to be functional?

Now we are reviewing here best options for that transition time. I think we should take into consideration all of the options depending on users needs. Will be good to get more information about this so people can prepare everything they need before Pimax8K arrival.



base station will be shippes before controller, xunshu reply in some topic. Estimate date is around October for first batch.


3DOF in flightsim isn’t a “minor” incovinience. It’s a major one for hardcore sim with fully clickable cockpit.