Long review or a short review?


Agreed and same goes for Sebastian @mixedrealityTV , Thomas @VoodooDE and others. I can’t even begin to understand how much time, hard work and stress goes into making these videos and done for the love of the topic.


I’m going to be blunt here. At this point who cares about the casuals. They can get plenty of videos of any and all lengths long before they are forced to buy anything. But here’s the thing, we backers have a decision to make. A decision that has been left solely and completely to the 3 testers to explain to us what to do since Pimax has yet to release any new information about it. We have to decide, before shipments start, whether to keep our 8k pledges or switch to the 5k+ and a potential downgrade. These videos will be our only indication on whether this is right for us or not and I for one dont want to be rushed into a decision without ALL the facts. Pimax has stepped aside and given these 3 testers full reign on delivering the info we need and as such we shouldnt be drip fed the info.

Make them as long as possible and as detailed as possible. After that then switch gears to more casual videos about Pimax if you want.


I’m on the “short review” side. I sure will appreciate a complete review of the Pimax, but BEFORE that i want (please ;)) a 10-15 minutes video answering the main questions :

  • SDE,
  • FOV,
  • Distorsion and most important of all :
  • 5K+ or 8K.

Sometimes a nice pic replaces a long talk


Can you say at the end which headset you personally would choose? Then I will start with the conclusion and then look from the start for the results analysis.

I am also very interested in your opinion about the effect of the eye tracking module to the image quality of both headsets.


Well, I understand where you are coming from but I would actually not underestimate the subjective element here - the distance between pixels on the display is only one part of the equation - the lenses will distort the picture and it may be working out better with one than the other display, so it could increase or minimize any physical difference between the screens of the 8K and the 5K+, and the best way to tell is to have a) of the same scene with the exact same distance, angle etc. pictures shot through the lens and b) the impression of the tester, even if that of course is subjective.


OMG. Luckily the 16th is a sunday. @VoodooDE also said his review will be long. This will be a looong youtube afternoon… :smiley:

xunshu somewhere mentioned when the NDA will be lifted… @SweViver: Do you already know when (time of day) you will upload your video?


The embargo is said to end at 4 pm GMT, 9 am PST.


@SweViver If it has to last 5 hours, so be it!!


this is the moment i realise i probably wont get through all 3 reviews in one day.


Ah. thats 18:00 CEST.

So i have to correct myself: It will be a loooong evening. :city_sunset:


A nice day of Pimax binch watching:heart_eyes:


SweViver, to be brutally honest, I am disappointed in you. I’m disappointed that you feel a 2 or 3 hour video is too long. I mean, really dude? That is extraordinarily short for a review of this magnitude! A review of something the entire world has been waiting on! 2 or 3 hour long reviews are for girls. Real men do at MINIMUM 24hr long reviews!

C’mon bro…the review has to be at LEAST 24hrs long! And I mean non-stop talking. No bathroom breaks, no sleeping no eating and no answering the phone! Just 24hrs of pure non-stop Pimax goodness. THAT my friend, is what we all wanna see. Don’t worry about Youtube, it will allow you to upload footage 24hrs long without a problem.

Please make it happen mate!




you have to make chapters and differentiate into topics.

My chapter is called “I CHOOSE 8K (OR 5K+) FOR DCS AND IL2, AND HERE IS WHY !”

Sorry for capital letters :slight_smile:


But it depends too much on the tester’s own preferences. Whether he’s tired, even if he has rubbed his eyes. Taking pictures with the same angle, distance, same brightness tones, contrast of the same image is not so easy. It can only be done right in some video playback programs.


I’d love a tl;dr version of the long review. Will watch both, but I think you’ll do good to have a short review and an in depth one.


… I made it 12 months without saying this…

You are all cr4zier than I am. I need to go home and rethink my internet handle.

If you’re review is longer than a Peter Jackson movie (the dude made the king Kong remake into a 3 hour movie… THE ORIGINAL WAS LESS THAN 90 MINUTES) you might want to get the scissors out and edit.

With that said, I’m super excite for your review @SweViver, and the directors cut, and the deleted scenes, and the extended edition, and the box set…:wink:

Edit: and the trilogy with the 5k, 8k and 8kx


All reviews should be subjective with an opinion ! That is the point of it. Otherwise they are not reviews, and become pathetic information brochures that people translate or regurgitate and place on websites purporting to be news.

A review should be subjective but unbiased… , with reasoning and transparency in explaining how and why the opinion was formed. When explaining, evidence backing their viewpoint will also help to solidify their argument.

An in depth test is obviously extremely helpful. Numbers will help so long as they are used to solidify or prove a stance. If it is too close to call then people can use those figures to make their decision but will also be swayed by the reviewer’s opinion based on trust of their expertise, demostrated knowledge, or history.

The information will then be weighted against other reviewers to determine if there is a trend or concensus. Subjectivity is fine so long as it is listed or shown in detail what settings were used for replication.

If a reviewer cannot give their own unbiased preference , then I would think they were either uninformed or a salesman for the company.


As much as I like hours of in depth analysis I’d appreciate a 5min max quick n dirty comparison vs Vive and CV1 in the obvious aspects for VR HMDs with a 30sec comment for pros n cons in 8k vs. 5k+


Do ya thing, buddy. Others will summarize for sure here