Long review or a short review?


@SweViver long review man, please. I’d love to know everything about it. The longer review, the better, at least all cases will be covered. Can’t wait for the 16th, im gonna keep my eyes wide open on that youtube notification from you. Gonna be the first to watch it till the end.



I think a long vid is fine as long as you have a 'Conclusions" wrap up at the end with a timestamp provided. I think you can meet both requests for long and short via that method. Let the deep divers start at the beginning ‘Intro’, let the shallow swimmers just start from ‘Wrap-up Impressions/Conclusions’.

And thanks for all the time and work you are putting into this. I am looking forward to hearing and seeing the results and where we are at presently with the headset.


It depends on the verdict. I don’t want to sit through 3 hours to end up regretting the money and time spent on this headset.

If it’s shit, that one word or the equivalent emoji will suffice. If it’s at least equal to a vive pro, then by all means take as long as you like telling me that I haven’t made the wrong choice.



I just have to say thanks for doing this. As given my location it will be VERY unlikely that I will have the chance to test the units before they ship. So I will have to make my decision based off your reviews.

I will honestly watch whatever you put up. If you are going with the long form review, as long as there is some indexing so I can skip parts that are less important to myself that would be great. But I’m really not going to complain with anything you put up and just be grateful that I have something.


This is why i bought a bottle of rum.


@SweViver i am preparing the nachos, popcorn and beer!
Thanks for your dedication and work!


I suppose this question can be answered best by looking at your own viewers and video stats, do the shorter videos have more hits vs the long ones, vs the ratings. Who are your readers and why are they with you? Is it for your in-depth opinion and charismatic way or for facts and surface details.

For me though, quality is greater than content. So quicker, short, precise and in a way that the viewer can visualize your points (with graphs, cut-scenes etc) make the best reviews / overviews.

e.g. If you want to talk about 2 hours of Berlin opinions I would cut that video into almost a stop-time clip that flicks from user to user with the fastest edits you can do. Like if somebody asked you to squeeze ALL that into a 10 sec clip with a graph overlay that shows GREAT / UNDECIDED on first impressions.

An extended directors cut can be done after if you see a ton of interest in the shorter version. I also think summaries have more clickable value than seminars so I would do a summary / overview first, hope it spreads like wildfire then once you start getting bombarded with questions, do the biggie.

Just my personnel opinion.


The people have spoken!


@SweViver don’t worry about the length - there is barely a better moment for a really detailed review… :slight_smile:


THANK YOU so much for all the time and energy! I will watch 12 hours if you put it out. No pressure if it’s not a perfect job. You have a huge job that you don’t get a penny for. Can’t wait to watch your videos


Go long man. When people want to buy something they need all they can get to get saturated and feel they made the right decision. Short videos don’t really mean people process all that info, the brain takes time. A long one jam packed will allow users to marinate thoroughly and review and be suprised by things they didn’t notice the other times they watched. That’s a good thing, not bad.


Yes! I want to marinate in it!


And remember Oculus connect starts on the 26th :slight_smile: It’s possible they will announce somthing with far superior PPI. I think that’s why people should give a shit about screen efficiency/clarity. The 8K is being compared to current CV1 tech


It’s certainly possible. The thing is, high-res VR is just a niche right now and (imo) it will stay a niche, as long as you need an expensive video card to drive it.


Its only a matter of time:) I think the lanscapes gonna change over the next 6 months


I doubt will be anything too wild. Maybe a modest bump in resolution and fov. Anything similar spec to pimax is probably focused on commercial application like the star vr one. Not everyone has a beefy GPU to drive next gen hmd, and more and more ppl into phone mobile gaming now adays.

At the moment high resolution vr gaming is only for the very dedicated. So I’m going to assume they put out hmd in pace with GPU performance.


Oculus will present the Santa Cruz which I believe will be a great device and I will get one - but it will not compete with the 8K. It will not have any comparable resolution due to the limitations of being powered by likely a Snapdragon 845. And that is the main use case, even if tethered operation on a PC is optional.

Anything else, i.e. Rift 2, won‘t be presented yet, and will come at earliest at the end of 2019, and that is pretty uncertain too.

HTC may be forced to act if the 8K offers the better package, and frankly, they just must have something up their sleeves because the Vive Pro was fairly unimpressive after 2 years of R&D. They surely have a much better prototype they could release if they wished to.


Foveated rendering will probably be the norm for popular gen 2 headsets. Even the Pimax 8k, with the eye tracking module off course. Maybe even fixed foveated rendering would be good on the 8k. If the Oculus varifocal headset has eye tracking it’s bound to become supported.


Foveated rendering is certainly coming, but I’m not sure that it’s the panacea that most people are hoping for. I don’t think it will be ready for the gen 2 headsets. I’d love to be proven wrong on this, though.


Never suggested Santa Cruse would compare. Anything could be announced at this stage :slight_smile: Look at Star VR. Bet you didnt see that coming and it’s confirmed to be much better than the 8k