Long review or a short review?


How about this and I’m probably not making myself particularly popular with this suggestion:

I nominate @destraudo to create an official thread and post that summarizes everything the three musketeers throw at us on Sunday so that a) we can end this discussion as we need as much info as possible and b) give those backers that don’t have the patience/time/attention span to stomach hours of video the chance to be as informed as possible without burdening the three testers with even more work.

Reason for nominating @destraudo in particular: apparently intelligent enough to understand that opinions need to be weighed, fluent and articulate in his/her writing, keen on the subject, appears to be able to understand and compress large amounts of input without losing important details, as of right now in no blood feuds with the usual subjects on this forum.

Any thoughts?


Wow… This is a lot of weird off topic responses to answer a simple question of preference ‘long or short’ review! lol

Have some self control people!! :stuck_out_tongue:

ps… long


Do a long in depth review but break it up into segments by subject matter. Those who only want to see a certain subject or two will be able to. Many, like me, will be watching it all.


I for one think its a really bad idea and will pass on drawing that down on myself. also, as previously stated i will be drinking a bottle of rum at that time.

also i nominate you for this suicide mission, i mean honour.


I would like a 20 char review, of course :slight_smile:


Oculus <5K <5K+ <8K!


I for one am somewhat perplexed as to why this process should take hours of explanation. That in itself tells me things are a tad complicated. If the differences were so massive or obvious then there would be no need for such detailed info. You could summarise in 10-20 minutes.

Yeh, the Pimax 8K is better than 5K+ because overall it just looks better across a number of games, has better performance and has more headroom for future Super-sampling. Thanks for watching.


Yeh, the 5K+ is better than 8K because overall it just looks better across a number of games. Performs better, has nicer colours and sharper image. Thanks for watching.

However, I am getting the feeling the differences will be on a use-case level which means tons of scenarios listed where one performs better than the other with no overall clear winner.

8K is better for Elite D if you like reading text in cockpit

5K+ is better for Elite D if you like looking at distant details.

I mean, that’s not really going to help me make a decision. Sure I will be informed at least but still scratching my head. What about which looks better if I like reading text in the cockpit and desire clear distant details? - Cue Sebastian “Get a Star VR Rob”.:laughing:

Yeh, 8K looks better than the 5K+ in Fallout 4 if you don’t mind reduced performance.

5K+ plays Fallout 4 better than the 8K but doesn’t look as good.

I would interpret this as a possible headache inducing nightmare rather than a definite one size fits all solution.

As I said earlier. I do hope the reviewers have the balls to say which one they would choose overall regardless of specific use cases/games. An overall winner if they were only allowed to keep one of them and not to chicken out by saying “well I play 100 hours of Elite D per week so I will choose the 8K because it looks and plays better on the 8K” Ignoring all the other games and uses.

I will watch these long videos even if that’s not my preferred format. But I have to sit here now fingers crossed that the end result after my eyes have glazed over that not only am I informed, I am left knowing which one to choose and when I do hit that submit button, there is no shadow of a doubt or regret.

It’s on you guys!:wink:


I hear you. I almost feel the same. I guess thats why the 3 musketeers need hours to explain the subtleties between the HMDs. It is not a zero sum equation, I think. The guys will show us at 18.00 hours CEST at 16th of september.

@xunshu 4PM GMT = 18.00 hrs CEST:


As far as I am aware, it is 4 pm GMT and that would mean 5 pm CET, not 6 pm…


Does @mixedrealityTV have both the 8k and 5k Kickstarted? It would be cool if he mentions if he plans to keep his 8k pledge or switch to the 5k.


Will let you know on Sunday! :slight_smile:


Hey there @mixedrealityTV - I know you have an Oculus Go so I was wondering, when you can, if you could provide a SDE/brightness/color comparison with the same game/background.
Maybe Virtual Virtual Reality? It could be tough to compare rendered resolution since the Go res will be lower, unless you use custom res setting, so that’s why SDE could be good enough. The Go screen is pretty nice so if either Pimax HMD is close that’d be awesome. Thanks!


It’s not just about ‘looking better’… Other considerations might also be performance under various conditions and supersampling scenarios.

For instance, I’m interested to find out of the 5k+ is even more crisp, and detailed (Apart from sde) than the 8k with matching or similar supersample settings. At some with equivalent degrees of supersampling, I would imagine the 5k+ might have higher GPU requirements due to the 90hz vs 80 hz refresh rates ? (Guessing here)…

I want to use my headset for a bunch of different things from racing, flight and space sims to movie watching and bigscreen use. I personally don’t mind some SDE (unless it makes bigscreen desktop difficult to read)…which was why I gave up on the Pimax BE. If 5k+ is just as readable in bigscreen as 8k at varying distances I’d consider downgrading and getting an extra leap motion unit. (As I also ordered the 8kX)…

However everyone has differing subjective needs and circumstances, so the review needs to be informative enough to cover most angles and queries.


[Deleted … 20 chars…]


@George; @risa2000:

Got it, thanks. Was being thick here… and damn, another hour later then it is…


Yes, if you ran both headsets at the same supersampling level, the extra 10 Hz would indeed have higher GPU requirements.

At that point (equivalent 2560x1440 signal), the 5K+ would be more crisp, by which I mean: pixelated. The 8K will have a softer view, since the stretching to 3840x2160 will smear things a bit. Honestly, I think the 2 headsets will be quite similar and you wouldn’t typically notice much difference while playing games, but let’s see what the beta testers have to say. We won’t have to wait much longer.


this is the review result i fear.


And it will take 2 hours of explanation to reach this conclusion…



Hehe not really. You need to remember something though.
Im not ONLY doing the review for the backers. There are tons of people that doesn’t even know about this headset.

Also besides “which one is better” there is lots of things you probably dont know about this headset.

You might be surpsised how much things there is to cover. Im even worried I forgot something within those hours…


There are so many different types of reviews that I can imagine it is a little hectic at your end, easy to get side tracked when you are in possession of so much data and experience.

Do not worry about what others are doing, be yourself and it is OK to not cover every detail in the time you have. You have live chats / discord / YT comments to take the strain off getting it right first time.

KISS principle will make your life easier.