Long review or a short review?


Well I for one hope you do two reviews. One for the impatient or time limited and another for the tech heads who want the full sp.


Martin If the Headset’s as good as you say it’s easy to spread the word. Good reviews and impressions. The question really is how many headsets can they produce? Kickstarter, Pre orders Gearbest stock. Mass production is where Pimax should shine :beers:


C’mon, that is like saying instead of having a channel of youtube videos where people play games and say nothing for 30-40 minutes pretending they are doing some kind of review or actually serving a purpose… just put a single 5 second picture and tell people whether they should buy it or not.


Problem is, most people’s attention span is 30 seconds. I am sure all three testers would agree if they look at their stats that the average viewer watch duration for their videos isn’t what they expect. There are of course many reasons for this. Point is, short n’ snappy, to the point reviews are great for people who don’t have the time or patience to sit through long in-depth blabbering.


All he has to do is a link to the last 5 minutes of the talk at the end of the main review with a summary. I don’t understand why this is even a big deal. It’s not as if you can’t jump, skip or fast forward through sections.

Also I had a at some of your videos and to be honest, I couldn’t even sit through 30 seconds… So you might be right. It’s a shame you don’t do the same thing.


I’ll give you an example.

One review of mine has 59,000 views. It is 8:34 in length. Average view duration is 2:38.


Well you are certainly below the average then. Nice dig though buddy.


And that will be because the people watching aren’t interested in what you are doing. The backers here have a vested interest and a lack of clear information and guidance. As such more blabbering is welcome so long as it is productive from a comparative standpoint and demonstratively informative.

I’d be willing to watch 2 hrs + if it wasn’t going over the same reptitively and covering differing aspects. Now if it was a livestream type thing where he spends every 2 minutes interrupted and having to thank each donater, that would be annoying and a different matter altogether for me.

People usually invest time in things that they are interested in.


Well, first 10 seconds of that particular review around 30% dropped out, and that’s before I even speak, so go figure. Like you said, people have to be interested in the topic at hand to stick around. Like I said, there are plentiful reasons why people don’t watch the entire videos or drop out at certain times. At least around 11% stayed until the last moment though. I am confident most Youtubers have similar stories for their videos.


@SweViver @mixedrealityTV

I am curious about the improvement from M1 (with last software for M1) to M2

Not all but something, OK ?

I believe it’s fair to ask because there was NDA for several months about M1


IIRC, Pimax decided not to lift the M1 NDA. The NDA getting lifted Sunday is for the M2. That said, I’d also like to know more about the work & improvements made (don’t fault anyone for weird errors in drafts and prototypes, file result is what I reserve criticism for).


That’s fine. Any issue not fixed, will be an issue for M2 and can be discussed. If it’s been fixed, then it’s not really something we NEED to know about.


Yeah, definitely a “nice to have” and not a “must have”


It also depends on whether the audience connects with the streamers personality, “style”, way of talking, personal appearance, tone of voice/accent/ articulation in speaking…even talking too fast or repeating things can bore/turnoff a listener. Many viewers are a fickle/impatient bunch who are keying into things for their own personal taste/interest/style, which keeps them interested and engaged for the entire video/stream.


Oooo I love the idea of having the last 5 minutes as a complete summary. Do you think you can do that? @SweViver @mixedrealityTV ?


Also, something that came to my mind that I never thought off before. Are Sebastian and Voodoo backers…? I just know sweviver is, and he backed both the 5 and 8ks


It would be fine to be as long as needed provided you add links to the chapters (links that Jump to the correct video point) in the description. That’s all that’s needed along with the usual 5 to 10 minute summary at the end. That way people can skip parts that maybe they aren’t so bothered to watch for any given reason


Yes. Only backers could become beta testers (no “free” headsets). I haven’t seen @mixedrealityTV and @VoodooDE mention if they pledged for multiple headsets or not. Perhaps they will share that info “here”, otherwise, we’ll all have to wait for the big reveal on Sunday. :champagne: :champagne: :champagne: (a bottle for each of the “Three Musketeers”) :laughing:


Hours? Really? I cannot sit and watch this for hours. So then will have to skip and wait for a short review of the review. Say 20min breakdown. I just need to know a few things. 8K headset only coming. Will my current CPU Drive it? I will be ordering a 2080ti to replace my 1070 once i get the HMD. But Hours? No,No…


Hours are fine with me. Beats TV or mowing the lawn.


Hurricane Florence has me sitting at the house doing nothing since everything closed(I’m in SC) so bring on the long reviews I’ve got nothing better to do but wait out the rain lol