Long review or a short review?


If it is possible to make a black and white style answere I am sure you will get one :point_up:️- a summery at the end or so where you could jump to,
But I prefer the in depth approach with some inside views, things are rarely 2 sided, so I would like to know about the devices and the tester experiences and I am grateful for them doing just that.


I have a suggestion.

Make one shorter review with the main points, then start making in depth videos of various aspects.

No need to make a 5 hour video, split it up into chapters based on category ( eg. buildqulaity/hardware, pimax software, performance and settings, etc… )


Hey they are not Hollywood… making that stuff is time consuming, so
Is it to much to just jump to a certain point in a video if you want to skip the rest?
You could watch it and bring out your own short conclusions only version … ;-).


I’m stacking snacks and beverages today to go through your review, so you can make it as long as you want, I enjoy your way of reviewing, so don’t worry about the length. Make it as complete as possible. I prefer a one big ass video, but do what think it’s best. You’re the best for this task. Thanks for your dedication.


Hey @SweViver… I’ve asked you in the past about sweat and the Pimax but you didn’t answer… I’m sure it had to do with the NDA… but could you please address that issue in your review as I have incorporated VR in my daily exercise regime and sweat has become an important issue for me!



Prepare for a long ass video :joy: But you shouldn’t get bored, I promise!

@tomohm of course


No problem, i will make sure the video is below 3 hours!


Thanks for your work SweViver! It may take me a few days to get all of the way through a 3 hour video, but I’ll do it. + I think your a fun guy to watch… :slight_smile:


Beer fridge is ready. Will your video go live right at the “witching hour”?


I hope so :slight_smile: Still editing…


It’s a little late, but I’m hoping to see the PiPlay software in action. How integrated is it? Does it list and launch SteamVR games? Does it have “environments”? Hopefully it doesn’t “help” like the HTC software does! Is it required to run SteamVR games?
-The PiPlay software has been out for a while if someone wants to answer some of this for me… Thanks!


I will go through PiTool entirely :slight_smile:


Awesome! Thank you! And, again, thanks for the work!!



I feel like my hype for this is equal to the hype I had for Infinity War…possibly more.


Why is time so slow today…


how many seconds left ?


Don‘t worry - tomorrow it will seem to be even passing much slower… :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


soooo…… tttrrruuuueeee…… :laughing:


it’s now the 16th in Sweden… Can’t wait to know everything about my sweet new VR headset. :slight_smile:

I’m planning to design and manufacture an alternative head mount for Pimax HMDs … I’ll certainly be sending one to SweViver when they are ready.