Longer cable? How to make Pimax more portable?



Is it possible to extend both cables? 3m is quite long, but not enough in some case. I tried simple HDMI extender
cable (1m, 2m), but no success.

Pimax doesnt work with hdmi extension cable
Pimax 4K headset not recognized in piplay
How to use with hdmi extension cable

I would like to know that too. Nolo VR is on the way but it wont work when you cant move because of the short cable.


Yeah it is possible, I did it. I used a standard hdmi cable, and a usb extension cable and taped them together. Then used a female to female adaptor on the hdmi, like this one:

It works fine. It definitely makes the headset more comfortable, and good for standing.

1080 ti / no image - only working in 1920x1080 mode


Finally it works: I use DP cable from VGA to HDMI coupler.

By unknown reason, HDMI extension not works, I tried about 10 different length/made cable. Both
extension cable and “normal” cable with coupler.

Finally I tried an 5m long DP cable with coupler… and it works !
Now I need to make an USB exterder and that’s all.

Thank you for everyone.


I tried two HDMI cable extensions. Both don’t work. Well they do work when I set Piplay to 1920x1080, but I definetly did not get this HMD for ultra low res gaming.
Other ports like DVI or DP with adapter don’t even work only with the original cable. Very disappointing, nothing but problems.


Purchased this back in November:

It works but creates subtle red line streaks on the HMD.

That adapter is not active so maybe an active adapter would work better.

Can HDMI 1.4b handle 2*4K@90Hz?

I got this coupler which gave enough extension power to have my headset work with longer HDMI cable:

I had no problem extending USB with normal USB 3.0 extension cable 5 meter


I got this: https://www.amazon.de/gp/product/B071WX56QF , very similar to the Delock extender but unfortunatly still got a problem. The screen stays off in Pimax Mode. But it doesn’t seem to be a problem with a weak signal, because it is working perfectly in video mode in any resolution! No Idea what’s going wrong. Nolo is on the way and I will not be able to use it because the cable is much to short without an extension…


Has anyone tried those hdmi adapter extentensions that use 2 cat6 ethernet cables? Use flat cables for better flexibilty. I have also observed & think i have a usb one as well.


I also bought the Delock 4K HDMI repeater. Works just fine. But I needed to use my USB 3.0 extension cable because the 2.0 cable couldn’t give me enough juice. The cheapest solution however is buying a DVI to HDMI converter and getting a normal HDMI extension cable. I bought a HDMI extension first but also had black screen. Now with the repeater, I probably could use the extension cable along with the normal HDMI cable to achieve 5 meters total. Will try it out :).


I tried it with an active HDMI splitter which can be used as a repeter when only using one output. Same problem as before. Works in video mode, does NOT work in Pimax mode. There is something really wrong with the software because when it does work in video mode @1440p there is no reason why it’s not working in Pimax mode.


Have you tried the joiner johny mentioned above?

This might work


Got annoyed with the short cable and grabbed up all the stuff from that “Reality Check VR” video for 15 more ft of extra cable on the Oculus CV1.

Long story short, it refused to work, repeater and all. The CV1 indicated all good but the display would constantly blink on/off.

After downsizing the HDMI, it worked but this was not acceptable. Why then had I purchased the 15ft HDMI?

Then, while scouring the web, there was an reddit post which indicated that the Monoprice 15ft HDMI did not work for all, unfortunately.

Not to be defeated in my quest, the HTC Vive Link Box was bought immediately along with an 15ft Male to Male USB 3.0 cable & an Universal Power Adapter w/ interchangeable tips.

Now the 15ft HDMI recommended cable works but some spare 15ft/20ft Cable Matters HDMI cables did not.

My Pimax 4K screen went out so can’t verify if the HTC Vive Link Box will work but it’s worth a shot if returning it would not be an issue.


I used this:
COWEEN HDMI Repeater 4K UHD HDMI Female to Female HDMI Amplifier 40’ HDMI Extender Up to 40 Meters Lossless Transmission for Oculus Rift and More
from Amazon. I only used a usb 3.0 extender and a regular HDMI cable. I put this at the end of the hdmi and plugged the Pimax hdmi into it. I only needed about 10 ft. (3M). works for me. I only have watched movies so far and find the drift problem unbearable. I need the ability to turn off the gyro.


That’s the exact repeater that was bought but it did not work for my setup. Even tried DVI to HDMI because apparently some vid cards can cope better from the DVI port when trying longer cables.



I bought both the cable and the adapter on gearbest (links bellow) and I don’t have any issues with my HMD. Later this year TPCast VR will release but 250$ it’s too much…


Modding headset

I do not know if I get it right, but if you have a Pimax, I accidentally discovered this "technique"to turn off the gyroscope quickly:

Click, confirmation appears, I cancel.
Click, confirmation appears, I cancel
Click, confirmation appears, I cancel
Click, confirmation does not appear. Click again, app ask if you want to confirm, then you confirm.

It almost always works. Now I do not suffer any more when I want to turn off the gyro.


The signal may get degraded/lost when surpassing 10ft on the HDMI side.

The 6ft HDMI extension worked but once bumped up to 15ft+ it would not take.

Could not be bothered with buying multiple cables to verify so the rec. Monoprice 15ft HDMI cable and the HTC Vive Link Box saved me annoyance.


Update - The Pimax 4K worked with the HTC Vive Link Box & the items below:

Upgraded Version] SoulBay 30W Universal AC/DC Adapter Switching Power Supply with 8 Selectable Adapter Tips & Micro USB Plug, for 3V to 12V Household Electronics and LED Strip - 2000mA Max

15ft Cable Matters SuperSpeed USB 3.0 Type A Cable in Black

15ft Monoprice Active Select Series High-Speed HDMI Cable with RedMere Technology

Can HDMI 1.4b handle 2*4K@90Hz?