Looking for a affordable vr experience


Hi all! As i’m a 8k full package Backer in the 5000’s, I think/hope i will recieve it somewhere at the end of 2019… In the meantime i would like to make use of the vr games i had bought some time ago, like onward, Pavlov and project cars. What is a good choice for a system that works great? I am choosing between: Dell visor, Oculus rift with the touch controllers or the Lenovo Explorer. Not only my 8700k and 1080ti pair nicely with them, at least i can play some freakin’ vr :rofl: And also maybe i can do better things while waiting instead of the daily checking out the forum, for progress, that isn’t there :roll_eyes: And maybe, if it’s good enough for me, i’ll sell my pledge after all. I am so done with this rollercoaster… But that is also because my pc is gathering dust. Hate to give up/let go, but i am really tired of all the ‘news’ i read around here. About sde, about the quality of shipping, about progress on production and accessoires, and all. Sorry for being a bit negative, but can’t hold it to myself anymore. Maybe, just maybe, i will wait a bit longer, if i have a working system to play on.


I would buy htc vive (not a pro version) second hand. They are often in very good conditions, it will be easy to sell or you could use it with your pimax when it arrives, it will most likely happen that they will send you HMD first and bases/controllers later.


Well, i chose to get it all at the same time, a while ago. So the lighthouses of the Vive are not of my interest, and i like the touch controllers from Oculus a lot


I’m getting a second hand Oculus tomorrow. Finally i can play vr :yum: Hope problems with the 5kplus Will be solved and the lighthouses and controllers work flawless when i get it somewhere next year.


Very happy with the cv1, screen door is not really a problem, the touch controllers are working fantastic and the field of view is absolutely fine for me.currently all aa options at max and ss to 1.7 and no stutter at 90 fps in asseto and lone echo. Works like a charm.
Instead of looking around at this forum everyday, now i take a look once a week, to notice things haven’t changed.
But i’m not annoyed by that anymore and it has "freed"me from desire, haha.

Free at last!!! LOL


I may be interested in your pledge. PM me.