Looking for a flight sim for VFR



Hello I am looking for a nice flight sim for VFR flights…
My priority is it should look nice. Physics are not so important…

I already bought XP 11 but I am not happy with it… Got an I5-8600 K and a 2080 but I hae to turn down the count of object to middle and then it looks a bit empty…

Any suggestions, I read Aeroflight runs better?


If physics aren’t important you’re not after a flight sim, you’re after a game. They’ll be much more exciting.
A flight sim with poor physics is wasting your time. You’ll never gain any skills, you won’t learn anything, you’ll have no feeling of accomplishment or a false feeling. And it will be boring especially knowing this is nothing like how planes fly.
Flying games also are nothing like how planes fly but are exciting and lots of fun anyway.
A flight sim with poor physics is the worst of both worlds.
Good physics ones include FSX and P3D.


I have a lesser system and can run objects on high.
However the compromise is you need to not run HDR which isn’t a great sacrifice in VR anyway.
Set AA to x4 and maybe try your HMD at 72hz with small FOV and crank up Supersampling say Pitool 1.0 but steam 150%.
Then get yourself some ORbX scenery like TE Britain and enjoy.


To me Aerosoft FS2 is a blast, not on the same layer as P3D or xplane is, but real physics (best R22 physics as I heard) and best VR support.


How about fun? I enjoyed the Google earth easter egg flight “game”. Many enjoy Elite Dangerous whereas it can’t be a flight sim either…

I don’t want to start a fight, I’m just interested by the responses!


Aerofly FS2 is a good place to start for casual flight. The R22 is indeed great to fly around New York skyscrapers in VR. Great VR and a 64bit engine means it runs really well.


The controls are very sensitive is there a way to change this?


I don’t find the controls any more sensitive than other flight sims. The R22 for example is quite tame when you compare it to say the DCS Huey, Mi8 or Gazelle.


Yeah that’s what I’m saying, if someone isn’t interested in real physics then go find the fun games. There’s heaps of exciting, fun flying games.
A sim with poor physics is the worst of both worlds. Sims with good physics are great and flying games can be great without realistic physics.


The controls of a helicopter are very sensitive. Much more so than what you’re flying in Aerofly. The heli in Aerofly really is abysmal.
Try DCS Huey as Dogbite mentions and you’re getting pretty realistic stick control.
First lesson in a real heli- position yourself so you can anchor your rotor control hand on your knee, and with the hand anchored just use tiny inputs from the fingers to control the stick.