Looking for advisers to work with Pimax team



Hi Futurists, 

Pimax VR is looking for the senior advisers to join the Pimax team. The successful candidates will work closely with entire executive team, and determine ways to improve the business with advanced research.

We wish you are

A Futurist : Your passion for virtual reality is what drove you to the industry; you love Pimax and take this job seriously, and that helps you build futurist-focused development targets

Educated and experienced: You have made a strong case with your long tenure in your filed which are technique(Ph.D is prefered), financial, marketing, international business, laws, public relations etc.

Self-motivated: You meet challenges with gusto, taking initiative to assume responsibilities while writing the instruction manual where none exists; impossible is your favorite kind of possible.

You will :

Provide valuable advice to help Pimax making proper strategic decisions while entering countries with different cultures.


Work directly with product and engineering leaders and teams to ensure that the research organization’s activities are aligned with Product requirements and Engineering development practices


Define and evaluate promising directions for research and use a fail-fast, experimental approach and good judgement to direct the development and evaluation of new techniques and approaches

If you are interested, please contact us via nordic@pimaxvr.com or hr@pimaxvr.com

Referral reward:  We are looking for advisers who are interested in virtual reality. Please refer candidates to us and we will send you a headset for free if the candidate joins Pimax.!

Looking forward to hearing from the rock stars !

Best Regards

The Pimax Team

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Ding Ding Ding, i have received message from our backers. Please email nordic@pimaxvr.com or hr@pimaxvr.com

Or you can send me the private message insttead.


Ding Ding Ding :blush:


I’m glad to receive message from great candicates. And please send private message to me or email nordic.ren@pimaxvr.com if you are interested.

Come on ~ We are looking for you