Looking for color shift


is there a way to fix what looks like the colors out of alignment. I was a printer and it looks like the pimax is trying for a 3d effect but it is not good. If I can get the color alignment it would be awesome.

Please let me know


If yout on Nvidia. Some users have said switching to video mode & adjusting pimax in mvidia panel then switching to pimax mode may keep adjustments. I can’t say for sure as i am on amd.


I tried adjusting the resolution went to 5120 x 2880, then to 1920 x 1080, and back to 2560 x 1440, the color bleed or alignment of colors never really changed, switched modes and back nothing really fixed it I also couldn’t quite get it so I could see theentire screen no matter what I did, but that is a different issue I think. in 1920 x 1080 I could see the toolbar and the red, blue and green were off by several pixels. maybe it is a dev thing to be able to adjust them individually. I have a Zotac 1080 Amp edition video card. the invidia control panel doesn’t get that granular on the settings. was hoping the Pimax software would.
Any further advise would be great, or do I need to open a support ticket


In your nvidia control panel in video mode should be able to adjust settings like rgb contrast. In Amd i have some of the options. But not digital vibrance or VSR (DSR on nvidia)

@Pimax-Support might have some suggestions but unfortunately no advanced options in Piplay settings.


sadly it is not a RGB contrast issue, the colors don’t line up

pretty much like this pic, the difference here is the image is subtractive color, and the Pimax is using aditive color, but I digress
same issue though


Hmm… Have you tried just one eye? If on a single eye color looks good maybe ipd is off? (Your real ipd value might not line up with the software)

Otherwise @Pimax-Support may know of fix; however not sure if what your describing might be normal for this headset or not tbh (a bit out my depth)


Have you tried the “Turn cool colors off”? In piplay settings


We have seen this before… Fix was a firmware flash. I think it was all buttons pressed down… Then 1 finger lift after 10 seconds … Then another… Etc. Helio, can you remember the sequence?

If the reset does not work maybe hardware issue.



This might be what your lookimg for.

Another method but better if 2nd pc available (even if not strong enough for vr) to have less hassle.

Having the 2nd computer avoids the need to uninstall piplay.


I have a second PC, so for the second method I load piplay 1.1.92, then run the flashertool? all on the second PC.
I can do that. I will let you know

Thanks, fingers crossed


I did try one eye then the other, the color shift is on both and equal. I will try the reflash and see what results I get


From what @Enopho said might need to reset the firmware.

Try the link below. Try the official tool first & if needed @Sean.Huang can help guide you. He said the firmware tool is fixed. If the instruction not in the file. He said to put it in piplay directory.

[P4HLP] Red Green Flashing


Yes if you install piplay 1.1.92 on 2nd computer the alternative method should work.

Then on main vr computer let the headset update firmware.