Looking to sell pledge


Hi guys

Hoping to sell my pledge. Haven’t had email to detail which headset i would like yet as high backer (#6633).

Dont have vive controllers or base stations so would have to buy these again and have lost interest of late. Pledge was for just the headset and paid extra for a long cable.

Total pledge was $620 so am happy to sell for this price.

If your interested or have any questions just let me know.



Hi Dan

For the email check your spam folder. In the from it will be 2 chinese characters. A lot of backers with high numbers received emails recently.

Wish I had extra cash.


Funnily enough a couple of hours after making this i got the email through with a survey to fill out about which headset i am interested in. Would love to have one but i would have to buy base stations and controllers to use it fully and don’t have a lot of space in my new home for this and honestly the extra money would be nice.


Hi Dan I will buy it from you do you accept paypal


I can pay you within 4 hours when I am home


I will pay your asking price no problem
Please reply to my Private message when you get the chance


Please reply as soon as you can Thanks


Hi Dan I will buy it from you do you accept paypal


I hear you there. Even though there are a ton of sit down experiences. To get the full monty tracking & motion controllers be good even if only standing.


I am home from work I can pay now but it is getting late in my timezone I have a PM sent


Have now sold my pledge and all has gone smoothly :slight_smile:



Great! I’ll go ahead and close this thread, since it no longer has any purpose.