Looks like Valve is the only source of Base Stations and is limiting the availability


Form HTC:


This is a bit tricky - Valve has not authorized HTC to sell basestations individually and the only route we’re able to vend them is via the enterprise bundle (which is limited to 2 stations per bundle). To add to the complexity, you’d also need to have 2.0 controllers in addition to the basestations as the 1.0 controllers (and the original Vive itself) are not compatible with 2.0 stations. It’s actually quite an investment to switch over to 2.0 tech currently and there isn’t a fantastic upgrade route currently due to the limited availability of 2.0 stations.


Wow, this doesn’t seem like a competent response from HTC and certainly not Valve. In other words the response presented doesn’t seem official.


It matches with Pimax mentioning that they are probably only selling the lighthouses in a bundle with a hmd and also not having any available yet.


Yes Pimax told us this as well.