LOW-FI Next-Generation Cyberpunk Virtual Reality kickstarter is up!



hi ,
just to let you know LO-FI has just gone up on kickstarter, it looks amazing !!!

anybody interested in cyberpunk , this game takes a lot from blade runner ,

I hope this link works, this game needs your help !! please check it out!!
there are lots of videos and clips
thanks gary

Kick starters cyberpunk VR game

This game looks incredible. Just pledged 50


yeah looks great! flyin a car around the city looks amazing, then hop out and be a cop or a bad cop
sounds very interesting !! lots to do
hope it makes its target!!


I’ve seen a few youtube vids of the development builds. Even without assets this game screams of an open world high production Bladerunner atmosphere. My pledge level includes all developement builds, full game on release and a key for Technolust (the developers last project) on Oculus. Waiting for the key with interest.

They are at 38% funding already and it just started, with 29 days to go :+1:


This looks amazing and it has been stated as pimax friendly if anyone is interested.


Good news from the developer:

Leon Jimenezabout 19 hours ago

I hope it renders properly with the Pimax (no pop in on the peripheral). This game looks made for wide FOV.


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IRIS V.R.Creatorabout 19 hours ago

It does indeed! We’ve already done a Pixmax demo at a trade show here in Toronto.


This game looks right up my street. I would normally wait until its finished but having instant acess to its alpha is too tempting