Lower resolution screen request for future product



I am interested in purchasing a headset, but even though my PC is quite on the high end of the spectrum, with an 1080ti GPU, it still does not handle 4K flawlessly, so most of my games are played at 1440p in order for me to get the best of both worlds, graphics and high frame rate. I thus am wary about purchasing a 5K headset, even though my interest is really piqued by the large FOV and having to suffer not so great frame-rates. So my question is, is it possible to lower the resolution through software to the equivalence of 1440p? And if it isn’t, wouldn’t it be a good idea to develop another option that combines a large FOV but lower resolution in order to include a wider pool of acceptable PC requirements?


Sure, just lower the supersampling below 1 in PiTool and/or SteamVR, you’ll get a target rendering lower than 1440p. I’m playing with a GTX980 without problems.


That’s awesome news! What is the approximate delivery time in the US if you dont mind telling me?


I believe Amazon channel is setup in NA. So if stock is available likely fairly quick as per Amazon.