M1 Prototype Progress [March 30th, 2018 Update]


I’ll double check the status of brainwarp next week.


We will update the details of stretch goals later.


Posted a link to newest update in Official update thread for easy viewing.

Thanks @xunshu & the team for the detailed reporr. :beers::sunglasses::+1::sparkles:


Thanks for your criticism, yes I agree with you, we do not have a professional in-house photographer yet. We only have a pretty young employee who responsible for playing games every day and shot the videos, he is also one of our early Pimax 4K users. I’ll push him a bit to improve the shooting skills.

Yes, we have tested the new lenses on v5 and found the root cause of blurring effect.
Before we move on to assemble M1, we will still test those newly arrived lenses as part of the process.


Awesome! Folks also need to realize with the lenses being so big can make shooting video a challenge.

What I suggest is creating a rig. Maybe like hollowing out a mannequin head & insert a camera in the eye socket area to make headmovement easier to keep stable.


@Pumcy has extensive experience testing headsets & can likely also give some great pointers as well.


Thank you. Good work.


A rig isn’t a bad idea.


yup lol. I was gonna recommend him too as he seems genuinly smart and very familiar with vr in general (especially since he owned pimax 4k)


ohhh pimax must select you. Can you please link some vr articles on tom’s hardware that you’ve made?


So for those who chose to get the headset and controllers delivered at the same time, we may have to wait until September?

I understand the technical difficulties and delay for the headset, what about the controllers being delayed?


so M1 will have new lens. What the t0 lens differs from v5 lens headset? can you answer please?



Thank for the reply you xunshu



The first video is not from through the lens, its the screen capture form the monitor.


Here’s a few that are pertinent: Reviews of most VR headsets (still working through the Windows MR headsets)

Rift review

Oculus Touch controller review

Vive review

Vive Trackers review

Acer Windows Mixed Reality review

PlayStation VR review

OSVR HDK 2 review

And here’s my hands-on experience with the V3 Pimax 8K in Toronto, where I met Ru and Heliosurge


Not sure I’d take that oculus review with much weight after this comment

While consciously looking for it, I perceived absolutely no screen door effect on the retail Rift hardware


Someone has to be near blind to not see SDE in gen1.



Thanks for the update.

Has there been any recent progress on a prototype of the 8K X?
When can we expect to see a prototype of the 8K X based on the M1 prototype?
What is the expected shipping timeframe for the production-ready model of the 8K X with all of the recent delays?


Thank you xunshu. That’s the sort of update we like to see. Most of us expect no miracles. We just want to know what is going on.


The Kickstarter sure looked like a miracle.