M1 Testers Unveiled


@mixedrealityTV http://www.youtube.com/mixedrealitytv

@SweViver https://www.youtube.com/sweviver

@VoodooDE https://www.youtube.com/c/VoodooDE_PCGaming

@Pumcy https://www.tomshardware.com

The enthusiasts testing group includes @Pacotaco https://www.youtube.com/user/pacotomoko @Guancho, @TristanC, @Cdaked and @NeoSkynet, sharing one unit.

@oscar_rov represents the leading media and community about VR & AR in spanish. www.realovirtual.com

@yanfeng Yan Feng is a professor of Shanghai Fudan University, a top influencer in the Chinese VR industry. Prof.Yan started to support Pimax team from the very beginning.

@maxx http://www.etr.fr/

5K/8K Official Updates
M1 closed beta update 0712
[Updated1016]Pimax 8K progress update

Congratz @mixedrealityTV Have fun and good luck on your testing!


Lucky lucky lucky son of a gun


so glad to see things moving forward and the hopeful final iteration in the hands of testers :slight_smile:


@uhsnux the units came with the hand tracking module? The unit in the picture has hand tracking module on it.


AWESOME This is really exciting me I’ll have you all know


I thought they were going to say the names of all the testers at the same time, when they were going to say the date to publish all the data.


And so it begins…


Ever thought that the tester is secret, lol.


I guess with the first names already having leaked (Sweviver, MRTV, and likely VoodooDE) it was sensible to just name them once they actually have the chance to get started.

I do not expect them to already now tell us the date when the embargo is lifted - it would depend on how much further discussion, firmware hotfixing etc. is required, no ?


What is that? Handtracking-Modul?


Yup, it appears to be. What a nice surprise @xunshu!


Yes, that is hand tracking module.



need an english version. sad face


Thanks Cdaked! Following livefeed in German.
Ganz toll
Real super!


English version in 10-15 minutes available on his youtube channel.


Awesome thank you. I stink at English (my native tonge) no chance of German. Smiles


Awesome update with surprise goodies!


But… What happens with the NDA? He doesn’t have one? It’s strange. :confused: